"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, April 17, 2021

it was Easter

 Easter dawned bright blue sky sunshiney beautiful Spring Sunday!

Slumbering Charleston streets begin to wake up to calls of "wake up! wake up!---It's Easter!"

The streets were full of people out enjoying the warm day

streets are flooded with sunshine and ladies are wearing their spring frocks!

I love this blue building and photograph it often!

A bittersweet annual tradition for me.....carrying home the Easter lily placed in the church in memory of my Mother.

private walkway to a secret garden

So sad because I MISS HER and so happy because I just KNOW she would LOVE love love the Easter lily placed in her memory....she loved the lilies. Each year we plant more!

I love the old stone wall at this house!

Window boxes are simply overflowing with bright and happy blooms!

Love this house on the corner.....always one of my most favorite summer gardens!

I love this windowsill, they always have interesting things to see! Today  love the pale shutters, the pretty curtains, and the little blue flower pots! And see the little bird perched up there?

happy little purple faces!

Sun dappled rocks in a pretty fountain

Love the purple and white blossoms!

After church, We had an Easter basket to drop off to lil Fairy Granddaughter, so that is what we did.

I love children's books. And I love to give children's books. Books with big bright beautiful pages full of colorful illustrations and photos! So her Easter basket had some arts and crafts things, bunny ears, plastic Easter eggs with $$ inside, some little stuffed bunnies, and lots and lots of books, of course.
this is a little hardback HARD CARDBOARD book, way below her current reading level......but with such a fun story and cute pictures, I couldn't resist! LOL

based on Beatrix Potter's story, of course

"Summer Coat, Winter Coat" is her reading level I believe, and has the most beautiful big pictures.....very life-like! You can almost see the little bunny's nose twitching! You can see how soft the brown fur is and see the feathery little whiskers. The pictures of the bunnies, their adventures amongst the flowers and berries and their silky ears are so realistic.

"Audrey Bunny" is a sweet little book too!

Also found a really nice children's book about Easter with really nice pictures:

The day before Easter I spent in the kitchen using lots of this:
to make lots of these:

and a big bowl of this ("tater" salad) above!
dessert was yellow tinted coconut cake:
and we had a big delicious ham of course. We also tried this drink----oh YUM, IT'S SO GOOD.

Tansy and her Easter basket:

After lunch, we headed up over the big bridge, headed to Sullivan's Island for the afternoon.

big bridge

little bridge
Up and over! Over the bridge and on to the island
All of the outside tables at Dunleavy's are taken:

across the street at Poe's people are enjoying meals eaten outside in the salty sea breezes

Scenes around the island:

Oh I love this swing! I had one just like this growing up

lots of people out doing all kinds of fun things.....walking, surfing, biking, skating, eating outside.

Restaurants and ice cream parlours are busy

this reminds me of a vehicle Barney Fife or Andy would drive around Mayberry! LOL

not sure, but I think I read that these were Officers housing back in the 1940s. I think they are condos now

We make our way over to the beach, where I enjoy seeing the old beach cottages and children and dogs frolicking on the sand

It's a pretty day.....and very windy!

foamy sea water splashes up on the green mossy rocks....and a time-worn creaky old swing beckons tired beach walkers

Instead of the swing, I opted for this rusty old contraption---I like photographing sun bleached old wood and old rust!

We like to watch the huge container ships going in and out. Today two are here....one coming in and one on it's way back to sea.

splintery old wood

Tracie and Amybelle enjoying some Easter sunshine!

you can almost hear them whispering to each other! LOL

The wind was blowing so hard! It was whipping their little dresses up (good thing I dress my little dolls modestly and they wear shorts under their dresses, ha ha ha LOL)----and their little hair ribbons were fluttering furiously. Luckily, nothing blew away.

I've not been blogging since Easter because of some dental issues but hopefully that will be resolved SOON and I can be back posting more!
I hope everyone is having a really  nice April! Stop in and let me know what you're up to this weekend okay?
I made this picture of Fairy Granddaughter a long time ago--it's still one of my favorites. She WAS SO LITTLE!


  1. what a fun post to read...so many pretty things there where you live. Love your Easter outfit and that lily! I remember when I was a girl, you wore a red rose if you Mother was alive and a white rose if she was gone. These religious holidays can surely bring back memories. Love your granddaughter and your cute dolls too! Hugs!

  2. Oh my this post was definitely filled with eye candy!!! So many wonderful pictures and didn't you look pretty in you Sunday outfit and the lily was so pretty. I had been wondering about you and missing your posts so was glad to read this one and to know you are okay. Hope you have the dental issue taken care of soon.

  3. Oh, I loved this so much. It was well worth waiting for, but I am so sorry to hear about your dental issues. I hope they will be resolved soon. Praying you will not be in too much discomfort in the meantime. I loved the pictures of Easter day and all the beautiful colors and sights around your community. And I LOVE that you have an Easter Lily in memory of your mother at church and that you plant it. I had quite a garden of them at our last house in memory of our son. Now I must start over. I have one to plant. Lily will help me. Tracie and Amybelle are so pretty in their Easter dresses. Do you make their dresses? I am wondering where you find them, if not. I don't do much sewing anymore and would not tackle that. Thank you for all you do, and I am praying for you now.

  4. I love reading your post and seeing all the lovely pictures you take. Sorry to hear about the Dental issue, hope you get it resolved quickly. Thank you so much for sharing your outings and pictures. Prayers for you. God Bless.

  5. You are so much FUN, Debbi!! Even with dental issues which are AWFUL! And you are beautiful in blue - but so you are in any color but I think you are especially beautiful in blue!! So many great photos! And I love how you love and miss your mother.....I so often go back and look at all your photos one more time before I leave......

  6. Your Easter was spectacular and there was so much to love here! Beautiful flowers, beautiful Debbi (you looked great!), wonderful windows and decorations and best of all, fabulous family. I know what you mean about missing mom. I'm the same. And you're right about deviled eggs -- you can't have too many!

  7. Awwwww that last picture brought tears to my eyes! What a precious little dollybelle your fairy granddaughter is! I get misty eyed at "old" pictures of Dagny too! But ALL of your pictures are SO beautiful and what a lovely holiday it was for you! Yay! xoxo