"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Twilight one evening--While out walking and enjoying sights like the brick arch wall and the hot pink flowers......we heard a big rustling and flapping of wings. 

Running and fluttering all about this home and up in the trees and  walking on the stone fence we saw a large number of birds......but we didn't know what they were. I got in closer and saw that there were a couple of babies trying to get back up into the tree, and the tree was FULL OF  these big gray birds! To me they looked like guineas, but I wasn't sure. I thought guineas were farm birds.

A lady walked by and said "you've noticed the guineas!" and we said "yes and we've never seen any birds like these in the city before". She told us these birds had taken up here during the summer and that all the neighbors enjoy watching their antics.

And away they go!!!!
follow the leader........
(I know the shots are blurry----but dang! those birds move fast!!) LOL---plus it was sunset.
Goodnight,  City Guineas!
We came upon the same guinea family a couple of days ago. The babies are now grown! And the one I presume to be the father was busy leading his little family from a yard across the street, carefully across the street and back to their yard/tree where we originally saw them. They were so fun to watch! AND SO NOISY!
And that big male one leading the pack (flock?)--well, he sure is bossy!!

...and there they go, home!
We just never know WHAT we're going to see on the streets of Charleston! LOL


  1. Their feathers are pretty. How interesting to see a flock of them there in your city.

    Have a good week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Guess those birds flew the coop! Looks like yet another thing to add even more character to the area.


  3. That is an interesting looking bird and I don't recall ever seeing one. I love how the family all stay together, at least for the time being.

  4. i always get so nervous, when they decide to cross the road. i am surprised you saw them out and about in town!!!

  5. That is too funny, Debbi! I'd actually never seen one before.

    Loved that post about the "green door house" :)


  6. That about the guineas showing up in town is amazing. Guineas drive me crazy, but I love them. We now have just four. One day last week, five female guineas that belong to our neighbors from way down the road came to visit our guineas and decided to stay. It has taken me all week to catch them and get them back home. It was a job. Guineas are so funny, and very hard to photograph.

  7. I've never seen these birds before!! I wonder if any live in Texas!!

  8. They are beautiful! I've never seen them before -- really pretty! Now I know what they look like!