"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, March 6, 2017

Fun and Food at SEWE!

Lots of fun and lots of food at the Wildlife Expo in Charleston!

Lots of food vendors are ready to take your order!

I wish there was some way I could show you just how DELICIOUS these peppers, onions, and sausages smelled while sizzling on the hot grill out in the open air!

We went through the sweet cold lemonade pretty fast! The re-fills were a great deal too!

Not too far from the food vendors, the Dock Dogs are warming up and getting ready to jump!
I love watching all the different methods the different handlers have getting these amazing athletic dogs dogs situated, set up, ready for the jump, and the intense concentration these dogs have! They know exactly what they are to do, and they clearly love doing it. Some of them are hard to GET OUT of the tank they love it so much!

A crowd gathered to watch the retriever dogs demonstration:

Thirsty? Let's have one of THESE!

........another fun filled day at the Wildlife Expo!

"Thanks, SEWE, for having us!"


  1. Debbi,

    Your comment this morning on LAWN TEA was one of the nicest, most charming responses I've ever received. It's a simply wonderful piece of writing, as well as a lovely compliment, and I'd like to post it on today's blog, with your permission.

    And if it would be possible to use a couple of those "Little Pink Houses" photos, as well, that would be the perfect icing.

    I'll make a link to your post today, cause your Front Porch is just too inviting not to share.


  2. Hi Debbi! The expression on those dogs is so cute. It's just as intent as human athletes. All those pictures of lemons have really made my thirsty for some good old-fashioned lemonade. Looks like a wonderful time!


  3. ooooh debbi, how i love festivals like these and that food, man oh man - so unhealthy, so delicious!! we have so many of these here at the shore, once the weather warms up, i can't wait!!!

    your images are wonderful, they really represent the essence of it all. and those dogs, now they are so cute!!!

  4. YUM... That food looks so delicious and the lemonade would be 'to die for'....

    One can get so much good food and fellowship at festivals. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself...

    The Dock Dogs were interesting... Have you ever noticed how much dogs look like their owners???????? They DO!!!!


  5. Love it, Debbi-Now I am craving Lemonade. lol xo Diana

  6. I would love to have been there to see those dogs! Jackie