"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, May 28, 2016

pretty things in windows

I just love it when people put pretty and interesting things into their windows for passersby to see. Gives me a big smile to see these things as I walk by.
I LOVE this sunny yellow vase!

Little shiny vases in this window, with flowers in them.
This one as well, and some tiny white angels.

I love plants in windows! This is a VERY TALL ONE!

I went closer to try to see the pot better. Pretty floral looks like.

This window caught my attention.

............so I went closer.
Here's a close up look at this nice painting. Lawn chairs on the inlet.
Pretty neat that they put it up into this window for all to enjoy!
This window had a pretty tassel:
I just love a lamp in a window at dusk...looks so warm and safe and welcoming! This lamp was also flanked by two pretty vases with flowers on them.
This one sure caught my attention!
........here's a closer look:
Lots of interesting things in those two top windows!
Let's zoom in for a closer look:
Looks like a little plate, some books propped up, and maybe a basket?
This one is blurry, but that's the best I could do. Can't really tell what all those objects are. Can you?



  1. What great glimpses into peoples lives. I loved that painting in the window. That's different for a window treatment.

    Have a nice Memorial Day weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. i LOVE the sunburst in the window, so pretty!! i like a light in the window, to me that look is so inviting!!

    i am a window peeker, always attracted to how people decorate their homes and windows!!!!

    and the daylilies are soon, the first week in june i think!!!

  3. I love windows too and like driving up main street here in town, the historic district and look at the windows in the big houses, Like you, I love seeing a lamp on. I love those painted rocking chairs on your header!

  4. I used to love passing by windows with cats sun-bathing in them so much that I started taking photos of them. I have quite a collection now. I love the first photo, Debbie, with the yellow vase. And what's more welcoming than a pretty lamp on in a window.

  5. I love a lam in a window at dusk, for the same reasons as you! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. You've been busy looking at windows. I never thought about how pretty a picture they could make. oh well, I have so much to learn.

  7. Thanks SO much for giving me an email option... Bless You!!!!!! Love this post.. I read something recently from a friend who had taken two old windows from the home they had lived in for MANY years.. They had the glass on those windows painted ---and hung them out on the sunporch of their new home.. One was a beach scene and the other was a mountain scene. SO pretty...

    Happy Memorial Day. Let's never forget those men and women who served and gave so much for our FREEDOM.