"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stylish Lady

There goes a stylish lady out for a late summer/early Fall stroll.

She has her skinny jeans, nice t-shirt, and her sun hat.  The long sleeves and long pants protect from mosquitoes, as does the hat. We don't just wear hats for sun protection here in the Holy City....they guard against the mosquitoes and the aggressive and SAVAGE LITTLE "NO-SEE-UMS" as well. 
You get caught in a swarm of them things...and you will be wishing you had worn a suit of ARMOUR! LOL
The light shawl/scarf could be to help guard against the sub zero chill from air conditioning in the restaurants, churches, libraries, museums, and shops.
Or maybe she just threw it on as a light and airy fashion statement......what do y'all think??
I actually snapped this photo before Labor Day...do y'all follow the "rules" about no white after Labor Day? I definitely   won't wear white shoes or carry a white pocketbook after Labor Day (the old rule says that is okay only if you are playing tennis or you are a bride--LOL).........but I WILL WEAR my white jeans year round. 
To me it looks like her hat band ribbon is leopard? If so...I really love that touch. I love leopard. 

"No-see-ums rivaled the mosquito for the position of state bird. They were all but invisible ferocious little bugs that would devour you like piranhas. Well, almost. My Daddy used to call them "flying jaws". 
.............Dot Frank in her book "Lowcountry Summer"


  1. Down here in s.e. FL you can wear any color any time of the year. At least, that's my interpretation.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  2. rules??? i didn't know there were rules!!!! hehehehe

    i have a style all my own!!!!

  3. NO ruldes in California ...none! :) Not a one!!

  4. Debbie, the nice lady looks very stylish and comfortable. That's the way to go, I say. I don't think anyone has, or pays attentions to rules in California. There are a lot of listening to the beat of your own drums out here. We do have mosquitoes but not too many other kinds of bugs unless you spend a lot of time in the forest, then you have to watch out for ticks. Happy Sunday..Judy

  5. As a child of the South I was raised not to wear white after Labor Day, too! And I wear casual white sandals after LD, but no white dress shoes. I also put away some of the more summery clothes, too, even though the temperatures stay quite warm for a while. I think it is just habit, really! This lady looks very stylish and quite relaxed! And, yes I did get my fall decos out this weekend. Pumpkin patches aren't quite set up, but will be soon!

  6. She is stylish! I love that you snapped her for us. Oh my, I wish I could pull that look off!

  7. That's one thing I don't miss about the south.. no-see-ums! Those little creatures were nasty!

    She's defiantly stylish :)

    I rarely wear white no matter what time of year, but I still follow the rule ;)