"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Downtown Charleston enjoyed a nice variety of musical notes provided by Mr. Clarence McDonald on New Years Eve!

Greetings to all my old readers and blog friends! After more than a year's absence, I am so happy to be back! I had surgery and many things to attend to this past year. I am looking forward to happy things in 2014 and catching up with everyone, and making new friends! Now on my way to visit your blogs and catch up! Please please zap me a line or leave me a comment and let me know if y'all are still around, okay? Thanks!
Other scenes downtown:
(the gorgeous tree in Marion Square) Probably our last look at it this year. Not sure what day they take it down. Probably very soon
A great concert in the Square! Loved the band!
A fire twirler down by Market

Gorgeous December flowers blooming

Festive balloons outside S.N.O.B.

Below--more street scenes:
Yes, it was a very Charleston New Years Eve!! Enjoyed it so much!!
There is nowhere better than Charleston to see the brand new year come in!
Will end this post with pictures of the lovely tree lit up in the middle of Colonial Lake, always one of my favorites to go see!


  1. Hi, Debi,
    I no longer live in Charleston. I retired and we drove away in our camper. Right now we are wintering in Arizona. I have a new blog - http://hitchintogo.blogspot.com/. But I am not doing much posting right now. Will begin again in the spring when we head out again.
    Happy New Year! Suzie

    1. Oh gosh Suzie we are going to miss you! I did so love your Carolina photography but you know what? Now I am looking forward to awesome ARIZONA photos! And wherever your adventures take you!