"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Clearwater Pier

Taking a look back at my favorite things this Summer

"Sunsets at Pier 60" occur every evening about two hours before sunset until about an hour after the sun sets and the pier welcomes many vendors with arts and crafts galore....jewelry artisans, candle makers, leather/metal/pottery goods and many others. Fun to look at all the selections.There are also street performers,music, dancing, etc.

Bright lights along the beach at night:
I like Clearwater Beach because it's such a big wide beach, so nice for walking, and the water is so nice and pretty and clear. The beach sand is SO WHITE and pretty.

An artist painted a mermaid on the dolphin I was standing next to

Lots of fun things to buy.......lots of things to catch your eye!

The little gift shop on the pier had fun souvenirs and the dolphin and turtle standing guard on the pier were painted so pretty.
A fun place to take a walk on a dark, hot, windy night in the summer.


  1. Debbi, looks like a beautiful and fun place and a nice sunny thought to keep in the back of your mind over winter..Happy Thanksgiving..Judy

  2. The artwork on the dolphin is amazing!! I find those sand dollars at the beaches here!!

  3. Haven't been visiting much lately, but just popping in to wish you a safe and happy and blessing-filled Thanksgiving!