"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Ivy House

I love going by the "ivy house" and seeing how it's growing each summer!
I have seen it almost completely covered, this year, it's not so much.

Broken windows up top..... I wonder if there are bats in there?---we have LOTS OF BATS downtown!
We took lil fairy granddaughter to see it, because it sure looks like something from a fairy tale!

From what I've heard, yes, somebody DOES LIVE IN THERE.

OK---so what are the pretty pink blossoms, anybody know?????
This is what the house looked like a couple of summers ago:

Monday, September 16, 2019

Good-bye Dorothea

Was so sad to hear of Dottie's passing. There was a memorial service for her here in Charleston this weekend. I've read every single one of her books, keep extras on hand to gift to others, and will so miss new ones arriving early each summer. I met her many summers ago and she signed many of my books.
Condolences to her family for their loss.
Rest in peace, Dottie.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Wonderful Life

Every year on or around my birthday I head outside somewhere to make pictures with my Wonderful Life sign. Mr Front Porch made this for me many many years ago.
I just LOVE THE BIG GREEN DOORS over at the Aiken house, so we carried my sign there to make my this year's photos. 
Then I thought, "well the park is right there, so why not make pictures with the sign there too?"

So we did.
I love getting outside and doing fun little projects like this one!
And I love sharing my special sign with y 'all! When it's not outside "modeling", LOL!---it hangs over our fireplace mantel.
My birthday was back in MAY, and I am just now putting together this post! LOL!

Little fairy granddaughter's art painting she gave me for Mother's Day. I treasure it! It  hangs in our kitchen.

wanted to share this neat bracelet/ring too! The picture doesn't do it justice on how pretty and sparkly it is! Also--so cheap!--from Amazon.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Brides in the City

During the spring and summer months, we see SO MANY brides here in our city. Many are here doing their "bridal shoots", and many do marry here in our beautiful old historic churches, on our lawns and in our old fashioned gardens, as well as in our pretty old hotels and on our beaches.

cute couple!

.....and one of my all time favorites----snapped this one this past spring:

Wedding dress fashion changes over the years.
If you've been a bride, what did YOUR DRESS look like? 

Monday, September 9, 2019

Kitty friend

Dorian has swept through with all it's fury and we feel for the people in the Bahamas, what an awful tragedy. Prayers going out to them and anyone else that was in the path of this dangerous storm in other states as well.

Our evacuation went fine and we are so glad to be home. Large tree limbs in our yard, and alot of debris, leaves, branches, as well as the whole top of a tree snapped and came down in our yard!--in one big piece. "Snap!"--and down it came! I am SO GLAD I was not here to hear that!
Our power wasn't off for long, it took awhile to get the internet back up and going. I surely can't complain as so many got hit so much worse.
Many thanks for the prayers for safety, and for all the sweet messages checking on us.
Did any of y'all get any rain or high winds?

I made these pictures right before Labor Day:
Come see me, pretty Loretta! (you may remember Miss Loretta from a post I did about her a few weeks ago)
....and there she is......rubbing my legs and feet, greeting me and saying "how have you been? And guess what?--I saw butterflies on the hydrangeas yesterday!!"

She's so pretty!

On these sweltering late summer days, sometimes I just have to SIT DOWN and rest a bit! Mercy! Ouchie knees.

Loretta says "not me, I'm not sitting down----I'm going to LAY DOWN"--look at her pretty snow white paws!

On hot days it feels like you've walked two miles when  you've only gone two BLOCKS! LOL
So sweet Loretta will sit here and observe her neighborhood and it's comings and goings---and we will head INSIDE for some nice cool air and a big fresh glass of sweet tea!
Hope you enjoyed this short walk with us.