"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, September 25, 2020

BIG ship!


We went to get a look at the big container ship that came in this week. It's the biggest ship to ever visit the East coast, we thought that was worth going to check out.  Her name is the CMA CGM Brazil and she's longer than two Washington monuments laid down, or one Eiffel Tower laid down. (1200 feet long)

so over the bridge we go.....to find the big ship.

Beautiful sunshine yellow cannas greeted us, and we also got to enjoy a nice Fall walk.

The ship came from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and China stops before coming here. She is stacked full of all kinds of goods that go into our department/grocery/home/discount stores--everything from clothes and toys to tools and furniture.
Just look at all those shipping crates all stacked up on top of each other. Each one is big.....like bigger than a semi truck maybe?--and she can carry over 15,000 of them.

The Brazil stopped here at our port for fuel, to drop off merchandise and get supplies, and to get ready for her return journey to China.

the sky was gloomy....and the breezes COOL!!--it felt great

Beads today---a strand of old brown shimmery beads my Mom gave me. And a gold leaf necklace, plus my old gold leaf pendant necklace, My Mom gave me this so many years ago. It was our "special Fall necklace", we would pull them out of our jewelry boxes and start wearing them sometime in early September each year. That first year she was gone....dang, that was a hard thing to get out my leaf necklace without her...

today's "arm candy" LOL. Big green "marble" bracelet, a pink one, some of my fluffy-puffy-ball ones, and a gold sparkly bead bracelet. Quite an arm-full! LOL

Cooler weather........the shawls are coming out! Yay!

Headed back home..........up and over the big bridge!

Dinner and a Movie:
Fried chicken, hash browns, and corn on the cob! YUM!

Sophie and the Moonhanger (1996) The movie is set in the 1950s South and is the story of Bonnie, her husband, who is in the Klan, and her housekeeper/maid Sophie, who is black.

I thought it was a great movie, I'd highly recommend. 

Happy Trails to  you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Fall is here!

"Fall has arrived!!" sings the cardinal

Mr. Front Porch brought me a bouquet of sunflowers the other day.
......then....LOL!--Spotted at the grocery:

Hope your week is off to a great start!