"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Flo is on the way


We know it's coming............we just hope it won't be too bad.

Most of Charleston's prettiest "old ladies" are boarded up in preparation for the hurricane

so many things have already shut down, including all the schools, most all businesses, and all 10 area Wal Marts last night. We found a very few grocery stores doing a very brisk business as people were making last minute purchases of water, paper towels, bleach, milk, canned goods, pet food, batteries, ice, etc.

sand bags in place and ready

Channel 4

the first four gas stations we tried, we found this

WeatherMan Dave is doing a great job keeping us up to date!

a fisherman enjoys a quiet evening before the storm

Wish it could stay this peaceful and beautiful..............
Our prayers and best wishes are that those of you in the path of this bad storm will take shelter, and that you, your families, your pets, and your homes will remain safe. I've received many nice messages wishing us well and telling us that we are in your prayers as well, thank you so much for that!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Hurricane Time

Hurricane Florence is on her way.....and we are "battening down the hatches!"

During hurricanes, the water swoops over the place where these people are standing and covers the street behind them

last sightseeing cruises for awhile!

the sea will be in turmoil very soon.......

As Hurricane Florence bears down on us, I hope that everyone in her path gets to safe ground and a safe place to stay and that your friends, families, homes, and pets are protected. Stay safe, everybody!

Friday, September 7, 2018


Charleston after dark

In the worst heat of the Charleston summers, we walk at sunset, trying to catch a cool breeze. Sometimes we do, mostly we don't, ha ha LOL It's a humid and muggy world here in  July and August, stretching into September as well. Last year we took a 2 week or so break in the hottest part of the summer but this year we've been able to keep walking most nights or at least every other night. We do our best. It's not just for the exercise, even though that's great for us, or the fresh air, which is also important, but it's our time together. We like to walk, and talk, and look at all the history, and of course, I love to make pictures.When the sidewalks are not too blistering hot, Tammie and Bindie love to go with us, but I don't want them getting their paws burned, so some nights they remain home, stretched out on smooth cool floors and eager for us to return, because the means "supper!" Very happy that we have grass yard for them to use daily!

Night falls and the street lights start coming on

the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, taken on a hot summer night

way up in the tower!!

Lights blazing in houses as people go about their night time routines, eating supper, watching the nightly news, getting ready to retire for the evening.

neon lights up the night

just one lone light on in this house!



Little 'corner stores'....we still have a few here in Charleston!

night flowers scent the hot Fall air

"Let's go in!"


So many sights to see in the summer city after dark!
And I'm glad you came with us!