"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Silcox--Mary Ann Matilda's Story

I've always called this house the "Chocolate House" because of the color.

Today we walked by it once more and I became curious of it's history. I read that it was in the Silcox family until around 1968 or so, so I did a little research on the Silcox family.
I saw that they owned 9 Franklin but another article said 17 Franklin, so I am un-sure if it was both, or what?
the "Chocolate House" reads 17 Franklin Street. The front door also says "17".

Franklin Street used to be called "Back Street" because it was a the back of the city!
I love the front door--it looks original to the house!

The Greek Revival home was built around 1849 and had ten bedrooms, corinthian columns, two big beautiful piazzas, pine floors inside and marble steps on the outside.It was built by B.C. Pressley. 
We saw some old pictures of the house and the nice white wall and the black iron gate that has the birds and the nice fruit was not there

This is Daniel Hardy Silcox:
born 1813 in Somerset, England

came to America in 1827 with his brothers. He lived in New York City for awhile, then came to Charleston.
He had a furniture store on King street.

He married Martha Smith Myer
she was born in 1819. Died 1871
she was from Jamaica

they had six kids
all boys except Mary Ann Matilda, pictured below:
I wonder how old she was in this portrait? Look at her fancy dress and her lace gloves--is she holding something? Are those curly ribbons hanging down from her hair? Looks like her hair was up in a bun maybe?
She was born in 1845. Died 1905
Mary Ann Matilda in later years
Mary Ann Matilda had grown up, got married, and was expecting her first child when her husband was killed in Virginia

She named the baby girl Martha and called her Mattie. Mattie was born in Anderson, South Carolina, in 1865.
She re-married William H.H. Williams and he raised Mattie as well as the seven children they had together.
This is Mary Ann Matilda's SECOND HUSBAND:
William H.H. Williams, named after President Harrison
He had six brothers and sisters. He was ordained young, in his twenties, and was in Richmond, VA, during the War. He was a Confederate Chaplain at the hospital. When the Civil War was over, he went to the Southern Baptist Seminary and became a pastor. He pastored many Baptist churches in the South and in later years they moved to St. Louis and he owned the Central Baptist newspaper. He died unexpectedly, in 1893, and their daughter May Belle ran the newspaper for a few years, until it finally sold.

So there was Mattie, and Carrie(1871) (died young,like 16), kate(1877), and william,(below)

William Harrison Williams, born 1879. He was also a Baptist minister, and lived until 1974
 Elizabeth-(1881), robert-(1890) and:
MayBelle-Mary Ann Matilda's daughter, born 1870

MayBelle was VERY BAPTIST! She was the sister of a Baptist minister, the daughter of a Baptist minister and she grew up and married a Baptist minister! So she was very active in church activities in the many places she lived. She graduated from Hosmer Hall School, which was in St. Louis. I read she raised five children, but I could only find information on two of her girls, Bessie, and Kina. I believe all her children grew up and went to college. Her husband was President of Furman University, and on the day of May Belle's funeral, they closed down all classes at the University that day, to honor her.
May Bells's Husband Dr. William Joseph McGlothin

 Mary Ann Matilda's Granddaughters

MayBelle-had a little girl named Bessie, born in 1898. Here it looks like she is sitting on the front porch steps somewhere. It could've been at Her Grandma Mary Ann Matilda's home--which may have been the "chocolate house" or somewhere else. I think the family lived in Greenville, South Carolina, so it could've been their porch there. Look at her cute little boots shoes and you can see her frilly little petticoat peeking out from her dress.  She had long dark ringlets and had her hand on someone else who looks to be in a dress as well, maybe her sister? Her sister was born a year after her.

MayBelle's girl Bessie
Sadly,Bessie died when she was about ten years old. I could not find out if it was illness, an accidental death, disease, or what. 
She had a sister named "Kina"
MayBelle's little girl, Kathryn (Kina) born 1899She had long dark ringlets as well, and in the style of the day, big bows were worn. Little girls looked like little girls back then. Lace and ruffles and bows. Is she on some type of tricyle...or is that one of the little carts that were pulled by small goats and were so popular back in that era?

Kina in later years, she grew up to be a History teacher!
She had a little girl she named Elizabeth Geraldine. She was born in 1933. Her Dad was Alfred Taylor, an English Professor. Sadly, I think she died when she was only about five years old. Kina died in 1994.

Ladies Home Journal
Young ladies around 1910 to 1915--this might've been how Kina dressed when she was around thirteen years old
Mary ann matilda also had emma geraldine- born 1870:
Mary Ann Matilda's daughter, Emma. She lived until 1962. Wow, look at those huge puffy sleeves! And some kind of floral adornment in her hair, which seems to be some type of braid/bun. I think by the time Emma was a young woman, the Gibson Girl was the popular look and also the big leg o'mutton sleeves. Women still wore corsets and well dressed ladies still wore hats. The bustle was on the way OUT. She had 2 sons- Charles and Everett, and one daughter she named Elizabeth, born in 1906.

Emma's son Everett-born1901-one of Mary Ann Matilda's grandsons

Granddaughter Mattie grew up and had a daughter she named Carolyn, born 1890. She went by the nickname Carrie. I think maybe Mattie named her Carrie after her sister that died so young, she died when she was only about 16.

I so enjoyed learning all about Mary Ann Matilda and her story! I loved learning all about her many children, and how they grew up and what they became! I am sure she was very proud of all of them!
The "chocolate house" may not have even been brown back in those days...it very likely could've been pink, or white, or blue! I may never know....but it sure is fun to imagine isn't it?
I love reading about who lived in Charleston's big old houses, and what their lives were like.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Welcome, Susan!

............and who did the ship bring in?

Yes, that's our lovely friend Susan Branch!

Susan takes her time visiting with each and every one who came to see her, and signing our treasured books. She is as sweet, down to earth, and real as you can get--nothing fake about Susan.
Susan and Joe are on their journey to Ireland and back to the English countryside and have a short lay-over here in Charleston.

I've read all her books and love them all! "Fairy Tale Girl" and "Isle of Dreams" are my favorites. Many happy hours spent snuggling under my warm fluffy comforter or late night couch and enjoying these colorful and delightful books! Susan not only writes them, but illustrates them as well-(all water colors I believe?) they are lovely works of art. Her annual calendars are lovely as well, and I give them as gifts every Christmas.

on the table
And now..........it's finally my turn to meet "my girlfriend Susan". Readers of Susan's books know how she always calls us "girlfriends" on her blog! My Mom and I look forward to new posts from Susan and are always so happy to see a fresh new one. When you're a Susan reader you come to feel like you truly know her because she shares her life and adventures with us all. Because of Susan, I've learned so much about the New England island area her and her husband call home, a place I've never been. I love the pictures she posts of their daily walks to the sea and what they see on the path, the seasons, her GARDEN and flowers, their beautiful and welcoming historic home, the birds at their feeders, and their celebrations with family, friends, and neighbors. Most of all,I enjoy a peek into Susan's old fashioned kitchen (love that amazing STOVE!)  and following along on one of her delicious recipes and reading about her and her husband Joe's travels to fairy-tale places. And let's not forget JACK! Jack is their pony tail band chasing, intelligent, and gorgeous black and white kitty cat! We all feel like we know him, because we've been reading about him since they day they brought him home.
Isn't she lovely?

Welcome to Charleston, Susan and Joe---may you thoroughly enjoy your time here and get a taste of our delicious Southern foods, a good long walk about our lovely and historic streets, (careful on the cobblestones!) a glass or two of our sweeeeeet sweet tea with ice and lemon!,  and pleasant greetings from our friendly people. I hope you see our strong carriage horses, our breezy piazzas and our beautiful window boxes full of spring blooms! May you meander one of our ancient church-yards and think about the people that were here so long long ago and may you wander among those of us who are here today as we run our errands, work our jobs, bicycle about, and walk our loyal dogs. May you hear our loud church bells pealing out as they have for hundreds of years now and feel the whisper of our history as it wraps around you. 
Thank you, Susan. Your books are beloved by so many and inspire so many of us "fairy tale girls" and it was a joy to meet you today! Safe journeys, Y'all!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A day at the Beach

We had a pretty Sunday so we headed to the beach!

"US TOO!!"

Let's go watch the surfers!

This lady keeps her little child warm......
doggie child........not human child! LOL

Tammie models her blue sweater dress and tie-dye scarf. I "model" my old blue jeans and old soft comfortable shirt! LOL (and my long floral scarf, ha ha---I love my scarves!)

Isn't this angel pretty!?

The sunset was really pretty!thanks for stopping by and hope you had a real nice weekend!

Good night, Folly.....see ya next time!