"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Little green tea pot

Look what I found at the thrift store back in August:

I just LOVE IT!!

I love the color and I love the gold trim. The cast of this green lamp post kind of went with it! LOL
Hope y'all are doing great. We are having a COLD SNAP here in Charleston and it was down to FREEZING last night. We ARE SO SO COLD! HA HA lol We are not used to this. Had to go find my winter coat in the closet. ha ha

Monday, November 11, 2019

Autumn Day

The flags were flying for the Veterans today in Charleston!

Thank you, Veterans, for your loyal service to our Country!
Well, it was a pretty Sunday yesterday for being out and about!--and alot of people were!
Dogs out with their people

and WHAT are these people doing?
They were looking at THIS!

I found a pretty car to pose by!

I wanted to take a walk around town and enjoy the sights and sounds of Fall and see what all was in bloom.

Lots of pretty blooms and vines on Rainbow Row!

Bright and colorful--love these sweet little pansies!

pretty purple blossoms

Anyone speak German? This is attention cat maybe? Guard cat? Anyone know? LOL

I love this simple and pretty window! and they have their windowboxes INSIDE!
 this young lady is hurrying to have her Quinceanera pictures made!

........and my beautiful Gypsy had her birthday in Heaven. She would've been 20. 

the chocolate cupcake for me.....the pink cookies for Bindie and Tammie
We had a lifetime together....her whole life....and a good part of mine. She went straight from her Mommy right into my arms.
My sweet girl......how I miss you.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Ice Blocks

I also collect these heavy clear chunks of glass! (lucite paperweights maybe?! LOL)

I like this picture because it looks like this angel is standing right at the church door, ready to go in!

upstairs window in the church

so far I have five, with various scenes like angel, cherub, ocean creatures, etc.

When you hold them up to view, the scenes appear to be "floating" inside the glass.

I got this sheer vintage blouse about 15 years ago at a thrift shop. It was vintage then.....it's EXTRA VINTAGE NOW! LOL I have always loved the creamy color, the fluffy wrists, and the ruffles that spill down the front. It also has pretty lace on it (which didn't photograph very well here) and just about every time I wear it a lady will come up to me and say "oh I love that pretty blouse and the lace on it".

Here I am with my "ice blocks" ha ha LOL!

What's everybody reading? I  finished this one:
I loved it!!This one was great too, I love all Hazel's historical novels. I just discovered her this summer. I finished the Savoy one just a few nights ago.

.........and now I'm reading this one..........so far it's great!
Hope everyone has a great weekend and great weather! It's chilly here (60s-70s) and I do enjoy seeing the pretty pictures of the frost and snow some of y'all have!
Has anyone dug out Christmas boxes yet!!?