"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Upstairs Living

There are many charming upstairs apartments in Charleston

They are fun to look at. 

Many many of the old houses in our city have been converted into apartments or condos. Some have four or many more apartments in them, depending on size of the original house. I like it when they divide into ONLY TWO apartments....the whole floor downstairs and the whole floor upstairs.

Lots of plants on this porch:
Went by days later and noticed something different! At first I thought they had hung festive lights but on second glance...maybe these are "grow lights" for the plants? Anyone know?

This is an interesting way to grow plants! not sure how they did that?

colorful flag banner and hanging "doo-dads"
To me, this is a 'happy porch'. There are clean clothes drying, maybe a beach towel or two thrown over to air dry so someone has been to the ocean, happy vines cascading down, colorful little flower pots.

This upstairs balcony intrigues me every spring and summer....they have so much green growing up there! I wonder how they water it?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Philadelphia Alley

On a summer Sunday after church we walked down Philadelphia Alley. It was green and shady and felt COOLER!

What a pretty, narrow, cobblestoned little alley!

A popular dueling location,Many men dueled to the death here.They settled their differences and arguments over land, money, property, liquor, treasures, and women.

Love those old sun-dappled cobblestones!

Darius Rucker video filmed in this alley

On a 97 degree day.....this is a nice little respite. Hard to believe it was once a scary or violent location.

Pretty little place to "Comeback" to!

Wavy Old Glass

This is a picture that I wanted of this pretty scene. It was a big tall window in a big tall house. But the picture kept turning out 'funny' and the glass looked all wavy and reflected weird.

After several tries that turned out like THIS, I gave up and moved on.

I passed back by later on that evening and made one more try. To my surprise, the photo turned out nice and clear.

And you can actually tell what is in the window....lovely old candlesticks, probably heirlooms....and a bright Chinese vase with tall flowers in it. You can  also make out the tiered curtains and the fancy swag above them.
What a difference lighting makes. And how glad I am I tried again.........

Friday, August 19, 2016

Southern Living 50 Years

I love Southern Living magazine and never miss an issue. So this nice big 50 year celebration book was on my "must read" list.


It's a very large, HEAVY, and glossy coffee table book....with many beautiful photos and interesting stories. I loved it.
It's expensive but would make a lovely wedding gift or birthday present. And if you do not wish to purchase it....you can get it at your local library!

Here's my current issues:

I love the red door one best this summer!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Magnolia Time

 Magnolia  season is wrapping up once again in Charleston, and this one is a beauty! This one grows in the city....

and this one is over on Sullivan's Island...

Another city one:
They are so pretty!