"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Mama Mia and an old fashioned wedding

On a  chilly night back this winter, we watched "Mama Mia 2".

I love the songs and the dance numbers!


all photos from playbill.com

Even Cher is along for the fun!

I loved it! It's full of fun hits by the singing group Abba.  And big production numbers, with lots of dancing and music. And yes, people randomly burst into song and dance throughout the movie--but hey, it's a musical, so that is to be expected! LOL  It's a FUN MOVIE,and the scenery is just so beautiful.
Late another night, on MeTV, I came across an episode of the old tv show "Petticoat Junction", anyone remember that one?
This picture shows the old fashioned decor:

Evidently a wedding had taken place.I'm not sure what all they are doing in the pictures, or what the storyline was, but a thought struck me looking at  them. ---What a sweet and simple little wedding. Nobody gets married at home anymore. Look at their pretty decorations--some draped fabric over the staircase.

The groom is in a simple suit. And the bride in a very simple, yet elegant dress. Her veil is short and crisp, not fancy--but still so pretty.

The wedding cake is small, but cute, and probably sweet.
The bannister is decorated with flowers.

The bride has a small bouquet.  I think her bridesmaids may have been the girls in this show, I think their names were Bobbie Jo, Billie Jo, and maybe Betty Jo?

(below) enjoying cake.

Now, I love weddings. To me they are all pretty, big or small. Each reflects the couple's personal tastes, their personalities, where they live and all.
I can't help but wonder though...why did smaller 'at home' weddings disappear? 
In alot of the history books I read, weddings often took place right in the front parlour. You only really invited as many as you could comfortably fit into your house, unless you were very wealthy and had a huge ball room, which was kind of the norm for the many wealthy families here in Charleston.
But not everyone was like that, or able to do that. I've also read alot of books, and seen on tv, very pretty smaller weddings right in people's homes. Furniture and rugs pulled back, to allow room for celebrating and dancing.
(I'm not sure, but isn't that where the old saying "cut a rug!"---referring to dancing--- comes from??)
A table with a cake, made at (gasp!) home, and the lovely china brought out, along with  big punch bowls, and the little punch cups. Plates, cups, punch bowls and pretty tablecloths were borrowed and loaned if you needed more. People helped each other.
If you married in the spring or summer, you could even have a perfectly lovely and appropriate reception right in the back yard! People would borrow big tables and chairs from each other, or their church, to accomodate the guests.
The flowers for the corsages and the bridal bouquets might've been grown right in the mother of the bride's garden, picked early that morning.
Couples many years ago did send out wedding invitations, but not "save the date" cards, and the term "destination wedding" hadn't been dreamed up yet.
Remember when weddings took place in a church, and then everybody simply went downstairs....to the church basement--for the reception? If you took home a "favor" from the day, it was a book of matches and a table napkin embossed with the couple's names and the wedding date on it.
Nobody does stuff like this anymore. But if there were a return to the old fashioned ways, just think of all the money and stress that would be saved from not renting big expensive "venues", "cocktail hour", D.J.'s, after parties, "photo booths", and having a huge dinner catered for hundreds of people.
Again, I'm not criticizing big pretty weddings. Many of them are beautiful.
Back when Mr. Front Porch and I got married, we'd never heard of the "theme" of the wedding. Nowadays, weddings have themes. If you'd asked us back then what our "theme" was, we would have said "wedding". It's a wedding, the theme is wedding, LOL
But people have been getting married for decades and decades. They had music and dancing if they wanted--either someone played the guitar or piano or they used a record player. Couples still toasted in pretty champagne glasses and cut their wedding cakes. Were those couples any less full of joy back in the simpler times? I don't think so. And is any bride any less beautiful in a simple gown than in a elaborate dress that cost thousands? Not to me. Sometimes I wish today's young couples would concentrate more on the marriage and not the wedding. The wedding is, after all, only one day for a few hours. A marriage, hopefully!, will last and last.
Weddings of today are not BAD, they are just different.
If you are or were married, I'd sure love to hear about your all's weddings, big or small...... if you'll share?!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

a Charleston Easter

Lilies kissing the blue Easter sky!

In many of the churches, you can purchase an Easter Lily which is placed on the altar in memory of a family member or loved one. This was my first year to place a lily in memory of my Mother. I know she would've loved it, she loved flowers. It's been a little over three months now, and I still miss her so much.
I love "people watching" and seeing everyone's Easter finery!

We went for a walk after church...........

I made pictures of a few pretty gates:

and lots of pretty flowers in bloom!

And here's my Easter outfit:
turquoise beads and my Gypsy necklace

a yellow pocketbook

and the colorful print of my new blouse

Hard to believe Easter was now weeks ago! I'm just now looking at my pictures and getting this posted. We have been so busy! I hope everyone is enjoying Spring!
Will you please tell me all about your favorite Easter or Spring outfit memory? Recent or from childhood.......

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Mothers day

She is just starting to bloom!

It's a pretty park

Twisty, gnarled limbs

Mr. Front Porch gave me this lovely card. I never knew they made such a thing! Did you?
My first year to wear the white corsage. Not too many observe this old tradition any longer. I think it's an old Southern tradition, but not sure. You wear a red corsage if your Mother is living, and a white one if your Mother has passed on.
Well, I LIKE the old tradition, so I've always done this.
that is me and my daughter holding hands--we have little granddaughter squished in between us! LOL

our daughter in red
There was joy in this day being with our daughter and granddaughter, and they came to church with us which made my day. There was also alot of sadness because I miss my Mommy so. I know she's in a better place.....but I do so wish we had had much more time together. More hugs, more visits, more laughs."Gone Too Soon". I am so so so thankful we had our visit this Fall, before she couldn't stay with us any longer.

I did get a new blouse for Mothers day and I couldn't wait any longer to get out some of my summer pockebooks! LOL

this big fountain makes a lovely big splashing sound!

She is wearing two hats here!! LOL

This was my Mother's day present from little granddaughter. She knows I like owls, so she drew and colored the owl. They shrunk them and made them into magnets, jewelry, etc. with some kind of a hard clear resin over the picture. I love my necklace!! I know I will treasure this forever.

Little granddaughter and her Pa-Paw!
Later that day, I had my supper at Outback. I love my suppers there! They are consistent--you always know what you're going to get and that it will be prepared correctly. We never get the desserts....we are always too full afterwards! LOL
couldn't wait to dig in! Yum! Big yummy RIBEYE! I'm a ribeye girl!

Mr. Front Porch's Salmon

I am wearing my Mommy's gold hoop earrings and the butterfly pin she gave me shortly before she passed away. This was my first time to wear it.
Lord only knows what we are doing here!! ha ha LOL One thing for sure---we were having FUN!!