"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Summer Snow

Cold treats on a hot day!

So what do they call these where you live?---snow cones, snowballs, shaved ice? In Hawaii they call it SHAVE ICE, not shaved ice, right?

I love their selection of kid flavors and colors, so fun!

.........and look at all these flavors!!---how to pick, how to pick??

It's a fun little place! The service is great, quick and friendly! And the prices are very reasonable.

Princess the pony joined us that day

I got pina colada with the condensed milk on top..........it was delicious!! You can get cream on top, or condensed sweet milk. The ice here is very very thinly shaved, so it's so light and fluffy, and the flavor is all throughout, no clumps. What flavor  do you pick?

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Orange Alley

I found this alley to be quite interesting with the orange color, the statue, the plants, the old brick walkway, and the sunlight on the wall. 
How pretty the big tall mirrors are leaning up against the wall! I notice some seating as well.
I really am not sure if this is someones courtyard or not. I think it's a space between two art galleries so maybe they use it for that purpose.
 Another pretty place in the city.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Raindrops and Puddles

It was a rainy day in Charleston. 
And that suited me just fine. I love to walk in the rain!

The rain has let up and people are venturing out now:

Flowers rinsed and refreshed:

and leaves sparkling with beads of rain.

Big puddles all over......look there's one now!

So that is what I did!

I haven't done this in a long time!--I think it did me good! LOL

Right around the corner is a Pretty blue flower pot

I like the big blue and red roses on it! It's a swirly, twirly, lightweight skirt, the kind I love. In the old days they called this material "whipped cream", anyone remember that? wonder if they still call it that? Similar to chiffon I guess, but heavier.

What are these vibrant pink blooms---anyone know? They remind me of clover.....

a few 4th of July decorations still out to enjoy:
Way down the lane there is a little gray kitty. Mr Front Porch says I am a "cat magnet". They come out of nowhere to see me. LOL 
Here it comes to see me! Bouncy, pouncy, meowing all the way.

It throws it's self down to do that rolling, purring, booing, tumbling thing that kitties do when they want attention.......

Then it's to me, and it asks me to pet it. So I do.
Sweet little kitty with tiny white boots for feet. Wouldn't "Bootsie" be a good name?

Look at those pretty green eyes!

Glad you came walking in the raindrops with us today and hope y'all had a real nice weekend! Did you get rain?