"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, June 12, 2015

Ramshackle Old Houses

Some just see a delapidated old broken down house............

If you look closely.............you can find beauty anywhere!
The flowers don't care if the house is "rich" or "poor"...the flowers just want to grow and bloom!
We've all heard the saying "Bloom Wherever you are Planted"

Here's a couple more ramshackle old houses.......cant help but wonder who once lived and loved here. 

Did children skip out the front doors to get to school on time? Did busy Moms snap beans on the front porch? Was there a garden with tomatoes out back? Were any babies born upstairs on a hot summer night? Did clean blue jeans and blankets flap in the wind on a breezy spring day on a clothesline? Did any sons march off to war? 

Did a young girl sit on that little upstairs balcony in the moonlight and dream of her beau? Did he pick her up for the big high school dance and pin a sweet carnation corsage on her bodice?
 Did they get married with eternal vows, dainty lace and pink roses?

Could you hear the sounds of Elvis on the radio drifting out open windows on a cool Fall evening?
Did the delicious smell of cooking bacon wake these people up on a nippy and brisk Charleston winter morning?

Did the people who lived here know pain, joy, laughter and the promise of sunny days ahead?
What happened to the people? And why did they leave their houses behind?


  1. So true about finding beauty everywhere! I always am kind of sad when I see formerly grand old homes like that in such a sad state. There are some like that down in Savannah too, and I always think how much happier they would be restored!

  2. I always wonder about old houses too. I wonder about the families that lived there and what hopes and dreams and good times they had. Maybe they built nice new houses and lived happily ever after. Great photos my friend. Hugs, Diane

  3. You wonder the same things I do when I see these homes.

  4. I always wonder about the people that lived in an abandoned house. These had have been wonderful homes for someone. What memories those walls and porches hold!

  5. Unfortunately, it looks like it is too late to restore the former beauty of these homes.

  6. in their day, they were beauties!!! they hosted thanksgiving and christmas dinners, someone loved them, someone called them home. restoring old homes is appealing to many these days but this looks like a condemned area that is getting ready to host some condo's or office building. awwwww, the memories!!!!

  7. I have read lots and lots of posts over the past seven and a half years...but this is one of my favorites and I'm saving it.. It touched my heart..made me go back in time. Thank you so much for the memories.

  8. Hi Debbie! Oh, I know! Don't you wish these old houses could tell us their stories? I'm sure all you've said happened at one time or another in these places. It hurts my heart to see homes get in this sad shape.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Hi Debbi,

    Your pictures are really good! I also wonder about the families who lived in the old houses. I bet they could tell lots of stories....good and bad.


  10. Oh Debbi, I wonder too!! Would love it if walls could talk, so much history lost! I'm sure many a delicious mornings of bacon frying did wake many!
    Thanks for the sweet visit!

  11. Even in their varying degrees of decay, there is still charm. I often ponder those same questions and wonder why they were ever abandoned in the first place. Nice post!

  12. Those homes have some really nice details. Great photos, and message. xoxo Su

  13. Beautifully written post, Debbi. Those houses make me so sad. I wish I could rescue them all, but I know I can't.