"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, March 17, 2016


A victory was achieved today for the imprisoned Killer Whales at SeaWorld parks. 
Today they announced that SeaWorld will STOP BREEDING these amazing orcas in captivity!
In addition, they will be PHASING OUT the once popular whale shows which were for profit.
You can read more about my views on this long battle over on the right, in my side-bar. 

Sadly, this victory has come too late for the many whales which have been abused and died at these parks. The captured ones currently living there probably cannot be released back into the wild and the ones born there must stay as they have no hunting/survival skills, are separated from their family groups, and have learned to be dependent on humans. 
I believe these magnificent, majestic, strong, and powerful  creatures of the deep deserve to be wild and free in the oceans that they were created for.


  1. I agree! It's shameful that they were ever captive in the first place. I despise zoos for the same reason.

  2. agreed....unless they are rescued. i am always thrilled to read about a successful rescue and hope for a release back in to the wild. for any animal!!!

    i know you are passionate about this cause, you must be thrilled!!!

  3. It is indeed good news but it will take decades to phase out this show.

  4. These animals are not imprisoned and are never abused! You are getting your inaccurate facts from sources that are very biased and want to stop any type of animal ownership - including your pets! I live near a Sea World and have visited their facility. Their killer whales are born in captivity and are accustomed to human interaction from birth. Please visit one facility and go behind the scenes before you accept biased information.

    1. Beth..I understand what you are talking about. I was born and raised in San Diego as were my relatives. Which does not make me an expert on Sea World. When you say they are not "abused" can you possibly have in mind, NOT being taken care of..fed..etc.? The very fact that they have been captured and put in tanks away from their families..was abuse from the beginning. These are reasoning creatures. They think, they feel, and they even give live birth. Being caged..and they are..is being abused. The ones born into captivity may not feel it as others have and do.
      There are many, many ways to abuse. Just think about this.
      And by the way...I think places that exploit live creatures should be outlawed. Rescues are a completely different story. Those animals are released into the wild ASAP. Birds as well.
      There are always groups that go too far..such as the one back years ago that wanted farm animals to wear clothes..mainly pants!
      Yep..one CAN go overboard.
      That's just my view.
      I stand with Debbi on this one. It's just plain wrong.

  5. I can't stand any animal in captivity like that - horrible! Same reason I started boycotting the circus when I was about 10!!

  6. Hey, Miss Gypsy!

    I hope all is well with you over there---was so delighted to see you drop in today at Lawn Tea. I DID love to garden, for many years (of course, MANY of THOSE years were sort of a given, for we lived on a huge cotton/beans farm, with about three acres in vegetables, and even more in corn and melon patches. There were four houses of us, and when you were on the schedule to hoe or PICK, you took your turn, no matter what else was going on. I'd put up 300--500 jars of stuff every Summer, storing it all over the house, even under the beds! Some nights I'd just stay in the kitchen all night, take another shower at dawn, and go straight to work.

    We've not had a veggie plot in about ten years---I slowly gave the round spot up to lawn and swing, and buy lots of stuff from the roadside markets in Summer.

    Our Easter Lunch is to be this Saturday, for our DDIL's family has theis on Sunday. We'll probably have another one---just a SPRING Lunch, the next Sunday, for the Ohio five, so they won't miss the special programs at their church. Just standard Spring things---Chris' fabulous ham, roasted asparagus, stuffed eggs, and some fabulous carrots I've just discovered---long slender ones, tender and very sweet, which cook up a deep rosy orange. Sweetpea and I intend to bake strawberry cupcakes when she spends the day Friday.

    Trying to get this Winter-messy house in order, for we're still putting away CHRISTMAS decor, as well as Valentine and St. Pat's, after all the sickness in the family. Getting out the pastels and floral pillows, and getting out plastic lawn-furniture-in-all-your-colours out on the patio. Our two girls who were in the hospital this year are here for dinner, and we've ordered in Chinese, with Caro making one lovely dish for us to try.

    Must get me and these pitchers of tea upstairs, for it's TIME!


  7. I agree that these beautiful whales should be free and not captured to place in a park for profit. Now, about zoos, I am ambivalent. There are some horrible zoos, but some are really trying to keep the animals in large natural areas. When animals are becoming extinct is it better to have some living in good zoos or have them gone forever ? It is said that if children go to zoos and enjoy the animals they will grow up being interested in wildlife conservation and fight against loss of habitat, aggressive hunting and donate to organizations fighting poaching. What do you think?

  8. Hi Debbi! Oh, I'm in agreement too. Let those big babies swim where they were meant to. Thanks for popping in to see me and I wish you a Happy Easter.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Thanks for coming by ...always glad to see you...

  10. I was very happy when I read this...cruel to keep them in such a small space. I worked at Brookfield zoo and hated how the elephants were kept in such small spaces too.

  11. I was so happy to see this news on FB. I have to admit though, that like Vagabond above, I can't make up my mind about zoos as I see both sides of that argument. I know that my little granddaughters adore going regularly to the one in their town. Perhaps their generation will be the one to decide that question.