"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bowman's Beach, Florida

Summer 2015 Highlights..........the Sunshine State!

Beautiful un-spoiled beach

Finding sand dollars...........so many sand dollars!
Mermaid Money

They were live, so of course, I put them back into their warm watery home!

What a beautiful beach and what beautiful water!! We so enjoyed it!


  1. Oh, you have just taken me on a Wonderful Vacay on the Canvas of my Imagination! Thank You! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Hi Debbi,

    These pictures are wonderful!

    I tried to leave a message on the roadside stands but it disappeared. Yikes. I do remember those so fondly growing up in Florida.

    Barb :-)

  3. the beach is one of my favorite places, but i rarely go in summer. it's just too hot for me and i don't enjoy the crowds. jersey beaches are often blanket, to blanket and so many out of towners, i don't enjoy that. put me there any other time, i will spend hours, sitting....enjoying the sun and spell of the saltwater. even if it's cold!!!

    your images are beautiful debbi, they really capture the feel and beauty of summer. i do adore those colorful umbrella's!!!!

  4. Good morning new friend. I love meeting new bloggers. Thanks for following along.


  5. Gorgeous photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  6. The seashore is one of my favorite places, although I don't get there much. We went to Destin this past Summer and I was told about the sand dollars being out a ways so I was looking for them but I had no idea that they were brown when they were alive!! So glad you put them back.
    Thanks for sharing your trip in photos with us.

  7. Aaaawww...so beautiful!! LOVE the beach and the ocean....looks like you were having a wonderful time! You are too sweet....thanks for visiting my blog! Also, visit my Sweet Vintage of Mine FB page and I also have a FB page called The Belle of the Barn! Thanks~~~Blessings, Roxie

  8. It sure does look nice. As we approach winter, I think how nice it would be to live in a forever summer climate.

  9. Looks so good on this chilly fall night!

  10. I love winter but these pictures make me long for the beaches of Florida.

    I love the picture of you in your sun hat, bobbing about in the ocean!