"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Thrift store treasures

Recently, at the thrift stores........

Love my little Unicorn family! They have a really high gloss shine to them, somewhat iridescent, so pretty!
Love their sweet little faces!
Some new books!
This looks like a fun book! I loved watching the old Gidget movies with Sandra Dee and later Deborah Walley and Cindy Carol. (Gidget Goes Hawaiian, Gidget goes to Rome). In Gidget Grows Up, Karen Valentine plays the part of Gidget. I also loved the t/v series starring Sally Field as Gidget. I read somewhere that this year is the 60th anniversary of Gidget, hard to believe it's been that long....

I have read one of  her books called "The Dollhouse" and it was good.

I found this children's author this past year or so, and LOVE HER BOOKS! The stories are good and the illustrations are so sweet! I will enjoy these with fairy granddaughter.

another one by Cynthia:

I got a whole stack of paperback novels!! They look to be historical romance, set in the Southern 1800s and maybe Reconstruction period, so I will probably like them.

I've never read Lydia Lancaster, but quite a few of these books are by her, so I will give her a try!
I have read quite a few Alexandra Ripley novels, matter of fact, I think I might've read this one....but I like reading about New Orleans in that era, so I will read it again to see.

a pretty golden peacock!!

 a purple long sleeve blouse with pretty embroidery on the bodice

and a pretty pink sweater!
Have you found any treasures lately?


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  2. Wow you made out like a bandit lol, wonderful finds, that sweater and blouse look so pretty together! You have lots of great reading material as well, the Gidget books were an unusually lucky find! Probably not a lot of them around, really nice,

  3. Yes indeed, found a skirt and some tops that I love!

  4. It's so fun shopping for treasures, yes I found some couple weeks ago when I went to visit my sister in the Kansas City Mo area. I love staffordshire dogs and found couple. Love that purple color you have. I need to get reading material also for our hard winter predicted

  5. Oh how I loved Gidget! The movies were so cute! How neat to find the book and the others look good too. I went to the Hospice thrift store this morning to make a donation. (I've been a good girl cleaning out! heehee) I bought a little deer but I gave it away already. I found a neat chilren's book at the library for sale so I am happy with that. Wish we could read it together...and look at the pictures! Hugs!

  6. Hi Debbi, you certainly found some treasures. I haven't been 'treasure' hunting in a long, long time. In this small apartment I don't need anything else but if I found something to my liking... who knows!!

  7. You found some nice treasures.

    Gadget is 60 years old! Yikes, I must be ancient.

  8. Gidget! Oh, I loved those movies and the books, too. I must have seen Gidget Goes Hawaiian a dozen times when I was a kid. What a nice memory!

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