"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, October 27, 2019

a Week in October 3

We're going on a sundown walk tonight and of course y'all are invited......I'll try to find some interesting or pretty things to show you!

Here's a colorful croton plant!
I stopped to look at this lovely scene. I'm not sure if this is an apartment building, or condos or what. It is VERY WELL LIT, so bright and clean looking! Isn't the staircase pretty?

this is Homer.....isn't he gorgeous?He looked kind of sad.
Then this happened....He suddenly sat up, and look at his intent expression!---his owner was returning with a sack of groceries and Homer just came to life, he was so thrilled his person was back. His person let him come out on the sidewalk to let us pet him and love on  him. He's a sweet doggie, and so friendly...he was giving me and my pants legs and my pocketbook a good sniffdown! ha ha---he smelled Tammie and Bindie.

Stopped to admire things in the art gallery. I loved this painting of a lady on the beach. You can almost feel the sun and hear the gulls.
And this one really caught my eye....... I love  miniature things and there were so MANY little people doing lots of different things, babies in carriages, doggies playing--- fun to look at! Then I noticed they looked like they "stuck out" from the canvas some.?
They were some type of "3-D" art. I loved it!

I liked this unusual light
MERCY SAKES ALIVE!!......what in the tarnation is going on over THERE?!
I KNEW I heard whooping and hollering going on!!
Goodness gracious, it's more skeletons!

I do believe they have taken over our city!
 (how many more days 'til they are all LOCKED UP AGAIN!!?) LOL
MERCY!--Look over there, there goes one right up the side of the house!

 There's Even one in the garden! (and he brought his "pets"!) LOL
See.......here we were, just quietly going for a little evening walk......minding our own business....showing you things and enjoying a peaceful October evening.........and out of the blue a bunch of rowdy skeletons show up! LOL
Met a sweet little kitty friend here on the corner. He tumbled and purred and rolled and meowed and then followed us for about 3 blocks! Sweet little guy.

Bright and pretty lemons, ready to pick!

this stone creature (bird? gargoyle?) has stood up on this brick wall for many many years

Hope everyone is having a real nice weekend and enjoying Fall weather, wherever you are. I can't believe I heard SNOW in some states. We still have the air running here in Charleston. At least the dreaded humidity of deep summer is gone though. Our mums are okay, but not beautiful, we just don't seem to have luck with those. My hurricane roses are in full bloom again!

 Our moon flowers grew, but so so so SLOW this summer, and didn't get any flowers at all, unless they are saving them for December. Marigolds and sweet "tater" vines and various others still growing and blooming and the little butterfly bush Mr. Front Porch planted this summer has pretty flowers blooming as well. And we have a few scattered red petunias still happily in bloom. One of my favorites---my four 'clocks---were a lost cause this summer, I missed those. We found a rogue one all by itself where it had planted "itsownself" LOL in a flower pot. It seems to be on it's way to blooming, stubborn little thing. ha ha


  1. Sometimes our best plants are self growers lol, they just seem to know where to grow best, I have to tell you how much I enjoy our walks, you truly make my day. Where my eyes might be lacking your wonderful descriptive writing skills bring me right along on your adventure, I enjoy every minute!

  2. Debbi, I love that you and your husband take evening walks. You are sure an animal girl. They come to you. I know that cats and dogs can smell other pets on our clothes. So funny too. Those darn skeletons, they are everywhere. LOL Enjoyed seeing the flowers. It is getting chilly around our area. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Love that unusual light and your yellow rose is beautiful!! Homer did look sad. Can't believe all the skeletons.

  4. Moonflowers are so beautiful! Oh, I love this walk -- such fun!