"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Good-bye, Anne

Once again, we are saying good-bye to another of our beloved Southern writers---Anne Rivers Siddons.

We walked to her house yesterday.

I stood outside and thought of the many hours and hours of reading pleasure this author brought me over the years.Paperbacks tossed into beach bags and pocketbooks, hard-backs packed into suitcases or picked up at libraries. Little stretches read while waiting for children to get out of elementery school.
I have read every single one of her books and loved them all. (Except for the House next Door one, ----it was a scary one and I don't go for scary ones. LOL!--I'm sure Anne would've forgiven me, LOL)

I wanted to write a little tribute for her here, and get it up quickly-- so I quickly grabbed one of her books, and this framed photo I've had for so many years. I loved this passage in this book so very much I typed it up and FRAMED IT  a long time ago.(like around 2003 or so!) 
The writing is magical and it spoke to me.
(This was long before we even lived in Charleston)
I have carried this frame around for years--through many moves and locales. Sometimes it was up on a wall in a long ago house, sometimes it simply leaned up in a bookcase or near my typewriter or computer. I think it even might've been displayed in a kitchen somewhere, long ago. LOL

Mr. Front Porch helped me by holding it up so I could make pictures on the sun-dappled sidewalk in front of her home.
Our condolences to her family and loved ones.

"There isn't a single atom of it that I don't love. Oh Charleston, I thought. Oh, my Charleston."
.....Anne Rivers Siddons
I promise to keep on loving it as much as you did, Anne.


  1. Oh- Debbi- I am so so sorry! I didn't realize she had passed. I have read every single one of her books,too, and was lucky enough to get an autographed one many years ago. She was an amazing,prolific writer and I could never get enough of her books. The world's loss........... xo Diana

  2. Such a lovely tribute, I also enjoy her writing,

  3. awwww debbi, you are so very sweet, what a wonderful thing to do!!!

  4. It is a wonderful thing to honor those that have blessed us. I too have enjoyed some of her books.

  5. She was indeed wonderful. A lovely tribute.