"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mills House Hotel

Tonight let's go walk to the old Mills House. It was built in 1853 by a a grain merchant named Otis Mills.

It's pretty and pink, and has all that nice ornate decor on the front

Inside the pretty lobby:

A closer look at the chandelier:

The hotel and the surrounding area after the Civil War.....devastation.

My night-time photos were not so great, so I went back during the daytime to get better ones! Here they are!

I wanted this to be a really great picture, but my focus was off. Sigh...........

I love shiny-floor lobbies!

And I LOVE this amazing phone!

and I had a new tunic blouse I'd  been wanting to wear....

A pretty and relaxing spot

the flowers are peeking in! LOL

Here are scenes from another lovely pink hotel in Charleston, the Meeting Street Inn.
They also have a lovely courtyard area where a fountain echoes and flowers and trees grow.

WHOOOSH!!--one of my favorite big scarves

 A big wind was blowing up and raindrops were approaching.....we hurried on home!


  1. What a delightful saunter through another age brought to the NOW. Simply lovely with all the sparkly glass and the elegant courtyard. When I visit Charleston, I think that's where I'll want to stay, rolling my little pink carrier down that exquisite shiny floor to what I know will be a scrumptiously comfortable room.

    Yes, we DO ave a new little girl---born on the 20th, right on time. and the joy of us all is simply contagious. Five boys and four girls, now.

    You stay KEWL, faraway friend!

  2. I come by here often and, of late, sometimes with a heavy, sad heart..your inspiring blog always...ALways makes me feel better.
    I would so love to see all this in person...and if EVER I make it to your beautiful city, I will treat you to a Southern lunch...:) xoxo

  3. beautiful pictures - you are a fun one to walk with!! lovely captures of you!!!

  4. You look so pretty no matter what the weather. The last photo is one of my favs! You should get that printed out...for sure! And I love seeing this beautiful house. It's so sad to read the history of the Civil War...what a shame. Thanks for sharing your beautiful city with us. We are stuck inside quite a bit now that it's so hot! We can go for a ride in the car on the weekends but not a hike in this heat! Hugs!

  5. So elegant -- and I mean you, too! These are both so beautiful. I love buildings that tell a story. And you tell their story so well!

  6. So interesting seeing the pictures of the area after the Civil War compared to now. You look perfectly adorable, btw. Love the pattern on your tunic, very Boho.


  7. Another pretty blouse! I definitely want to stay in a pink hotel or inn if I ever get to visit Charleston. And I know just the person to tell me everything I need to see!