"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Scenes Around Town

Interesting old window:

I was proud of my squirrel picture, they are so "twitchy" and fast they are so hard to focus on! After many tries, these are my best attempts.
I love seeing the old mansion. So many interesting nooks and crannies in this old building. See the dome up at the top?

I think I see a person up there! I've NEVER SEEN anyone way up there before!
Yep, thats a person!

Hello Mr. Cardinal! Your picture did not turn out as well as Mr. Squirrel's! But you are so bright and pretty!

It's rug washing, or rug "airing-out" day at this house

Always something pretty or interesting to see if you just look!


  1. you find the most amazing things around you. people are interesting and quirky. you captured the squirrel and cardinal beautifully. i like the purple bike, i would pick that one!!!

  2. You certainly found some interesting things to photograph. I especially like that old mansion and I'm jealous of that person who got to go up there!

  3. Totally agree!!! There is always something interesting in your city!!!
    LOVE the old architecture of the homes and buildings in Charleston!!