"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day

It was a HOT AND WINDY DAY! We decided to walk along the marsh.

A pretty scene:

 We like to watch all the boats.....

and the people getting pulled by boats........
and friendly dolphins chasing the boats!
Fun to watch the little fiddler crabs! they stay so busy!

I walked around outside and made pictures of our gardens.
Lace Cap Hydrangeas
Lantana (butterfly bush). Such pretty and delicate little blossoms
Rose bushes

We picked our first tomatoes on Mother's Day! (they were sliced, breaded, fried, and eaten very quickly!)

Onions, pickles and mustard please!

and I ate AT LEAST four ears of this on Memorial Day! I love it so much. (Mr. Front Porch soaked it all day and then cooked it in the husk on the grill)


  1. It sure looks like you had a fabulous Memorial Day! Great photos!

  2. Hot, windy, waters, flowers, shade. Looks like a great day to me!

  3. What a bright, glorious depiction of a Memorial Day! You've captured the weather, the wind, waves and spirit of the whole thing, I think, with all the flags of honor and the sunny day.

    The little crabs just delight my heart---they're just the most endearing little creatures (I cannot tell boy from girl, but that one is in splendid purple array) and I admire their feisty little pugilistic attitudes. They could be like the Don't Tread on Me snake on the flag, with the admonition "DON'T MESS WITH ME!" as caption.

    And a fellow MPO burger person!! I cannot tell you how many EWWW remarks I've had on blogs and cooking sites for my personal condiment preference. That's what Miss EVVY put on those sublime long-ago burgers at the Milk Bar, and they're an enduring bellwether for such a delightful taste all my life. I can just smell that crisp-edged burger, with the thought of that mustardy toasty bun causing a tongue-curl akin to sniffing the French's jar.

    You find something to amaze and enthrall me every day, and I love your visits, as well.