"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, October 21, 2016

Tree Down

One of the nice pretty big trees by the Rutledge pond. Down and gone

The roots are huge!

Big piles of debris all over the city. Clean up has begun

And life goes on. The city is returning to normal. Lots of people out and about....still flocking to Charleston.

I'll close this post with this colorful and pretty shop window----


  1. the clean up does take time, but life returns to normal. it is good to see that through your pictures!! those sure are some huge trees!! enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. It's always so sad when a big old tree has to be cut down. Nice to see that things are getting back to normal your way. BTW, love your vest!


  3. I really hate to see such beautiful old trees being lost like that. We had the same situation here in early September with Hurricane Hermine. We lost so many trees and are still cleaning up almost two months later.

  4. I could almost swear that's a sister to our dear THE TREE in the back yard---that smooth silvery lizard-skin and the small leaves and mighty limbs. I've always thought her roots ran at least half as deep as she is tall.

    All the bright colour and lights and folks going about their lives evoke the resilience of spirit and hope for sunshine after a storm. Bravo to all the brave responders and helpers and cleaners and haulers-away of the cleanup. The hands of such hard workers are the most beautiful of all, I think, above artists and poets.

    So glad you're getting back to normal.


  5. it always makes me sad to see these big old trees come down...when we were still in sand diego, we had an el nino come through one night...nick was in bed and at the time we only had ashlyn and christian who were also in bed...well when i was getting ready to head to bed myself, i went to the kitchen to check the back door and lock it and i heard a strange noise...i looked out the window in the door and saw our huge old oak tree falling and coming right at our house...ashlyn's bedroom was right in the pathway and her bed was right against the closest wall under a window...i ran and snatched her up yelling for nick at the same time...that tree fell and layed itself right against her window not even cracking it! amazing! GOD is good! anyways, after all that, it was sad to see that old tree come to an end like that :(

  6. Like the others here, seeing big old trees come down before their time makes me sad. It shows how powerful the storm was to take something with such deep roots. I'm so glad you evacuated and were safe and that life is getting back in the groove.