"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Burns Lane Garden

Beautiful stained glass windows. Do you remember back in August  when I wrote a post about walking down this lane one night? Afterwards I found out what the pretty building was at the end of the lane, and wrote about it here:

I read that there had been a garden. A garden back in the 1800s. A garden in between this man's home and his business. A garden that many said was very pretty. And I was so curious to know if it still existed. I said that I would be going back to find out, and that I would let y'all know what I found.
So on a sweltering hot Summer Sunday on a recent week...we set out to find it. It was a good little walk to get over there. We came upon the building and I so enjoyed getting to view it in the bright sunshine instead of the gloom of evening.  It's a very nice sturdy old building, and I love the pretty stained glass windows.
As we walked, I was so alert looking for the garden, and hoping it wasn't one of those completely enclosed behind a big stone wall, making it very private, but difficult to see from the street. Happily, I came upon this gate!
....and well after over a hundred years----there IS A GARDEN! A beauty of a garden. Still maintained, still thriving. With lovely and elegant ladies carrying vessels of water...

and mysterious statuary clothed in green vines. (some type of column or post maybe?)

The lovely stone maiden keeps a close watch on fluttering butterflies and birds sing amongst the trees. The drone of bees is heard, as well as the clear splashing of the fountains.

We cannot go into the garden as we have not been invited in....but I can shoot photos through the fence and the thick greenery.....so I do. Far on the other side of the courtyard garden I can see another lovely black fountain, also working, as well as a large cement type gray planter thing? If front of that are three smaller cement flower pots--the old fashioned heavy kind on pedestals. I'm pretty certain these are the real thing, not reproductions.

The building has been converted into condos and we see people coming and going, and enjoying the big garden started so many decades ago. I like the building but wonder if it looks dark inside when your windows are stained glass all around? Do you think they get much light in there?

These pictures show the workmanship of this old building so much better than the ones I made that dark night when we first stopped here. It's a lovely building and the front door looks like a shared lobby type area and has a nice staircase. 

I'm just so glad a lovely garden such as this, from such an entirely different era........remains for us to enjoy.


  1. It must be wonderful for the condo dwellers to have such a pretty garden to themselves. It probably is dark inside with those stained glass windows, but I bet it's magical when the sun shines through them.


  2. What a beautiful building and lovely garden. I bet the inside is wonderful with the light coming in from those stained glass windows.

  3. Sent you an email last night... Am thinking about you and many more who are in the path of that horrible storm.. I pray that Charleston won't be hit and damaged... Such a gorgeous city with so much beautiful history.. Stay SAFE, my Friend.


  4. Something about this area, it feels so special!! I like stain glass windows a lot, I have several in my home and they are wonderful for letting magical light in. But the colors of mine are light, the ones you photographed look dark, but they sure are pretty!!

    I don't know how close you are to the storms path...maybe you will leave the area. I hope you have a safe place to hide, it looks like New Jersey will be spared!!

  5. what an enchanting garden. I love spots that include statuary along with their blooms. It adds to the interest.

    I'm hearing about Matthew headed to SC. Please batten down the hatches and keep yourself safe. No matter how it hits, it looks as though there will be plenty of wind and rain even at storm level, so keep safe.

  6. Thanks for showing us those pictures, I did enjoy peeking through the gate.
    I would like to live in such a place someday and I don't think the apartments would be dark at all with the sun and light coming through the stained glass windows. I like my windows clear od heavy drapes and closed curtains

  7. Charming garden! Thanks for the photos ♥