"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Week in October

Some very unusual guests are hanging out at this Meeting Street home:

Do you see them?

Just look up........there they are!

They have been dancing and partying and living it up.....ooooops, well maybe not "living it" up-----for days now! (maybe weeks..........maybe YEARS?! decades?--they look pretty old)

Folks all over town have been putting up their spookiest decorations

these two----they must've had a disagreement..........?

This owl's eyes blinked off and on.........off and on........

the skeletons seem to be very popular this year, here is one in another neighborhood

What night is Trick or Treat where you live?


  1. Halloween looks like fun where you live, Debbi. They have a kiddie parade here on the 31st and then the children go to the local gym where they hold a party and the citizens can hand out candy. It's kind of a snoozer. Happy Halloween!


  2. Hi Debbi, I noticed the Witch's hat immediately and thought it was original to the building! lol The skeleton's are great, as is all the other decorations around your lovely historic town!
    Take care,

  3. Oh, my word! Y'all do go all out in Charleston!

    I'm wondering when we can expect the trick-or-treaters too, tonight or tomorrow night?

  4. Charleston really gets into Halloween doesn't it? That witches hat on top of that house... really!! Too cool. The skeltons sort of scare me but I think I might could outrun that one that lost the lower part of one leg!

  5. How whimsical! This is just so delightful -- it made my "morning after" want to continue the spirit!