"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Wash Day

I still hang clothes out...and am always thrilled to see when others do it as well!
I never thought I'd say "it's a rare sight to see clean clothes hanging outside in the fresh air and sunshine to dry"....but I say it now because it's true. 
When I see clothes blowing in the fresh air to dry, I often think of the old Sara Evans song "suds in the bucket". LOL
click here to watch it:  Fun!
Suds in the Bucket song video


  1. I also hang my wash out to dry. It's an enjoyable little job and the laundry smells so wonderful having been air & solar dried.

    Cute video. It is oh so true. You can't stop love. :-)

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hung my laundry out today. You rarely see a clothesline these days. I'm sure that by time our grandchildren are adults, they won't have a clue about them. Too bad. it saves so much money and the clothes smell so nice. Plus it's good for the environment.


  3. You don't see many here in FL. And I love this post...read it to my hubby. He loves that song and will be singing it all day now...thank you very much! hahahaha! sunshine and fresh breezes, Diane

  4. OH I WISH!! And there's plenty of room out in the back garden, but we've never got around to installing the lines. I DID think I was going to put out some sheets last week, for the dryer stopped mid-load, about four p.m. I called my DEAR neighbor to ask if her line was free---we've given each other carte blanche with anything on either place, but I always let her know I'll be traipsing into her yard.

    OH, NO! she said---just bring them right on over and I'll put them in the dryer. We sort of insisted at each other for a minute or two, with her saying that it was too late in the day, and I that I was sure it was OK, and I could run over before bedtime and "bring them in." That's what we always called getting the clothes off the line when I was growing up. (ours, however, necessitated a thorough run-down of each and every wire with a dampened old rag, for we still had coal-burning trains a block away when I was very young, and the soot would land even on that slim clothesline and make a little sooty kiss under the clothespin. I'd just fold the rag around and run from one end to the other, fold it to a clean side, and do it again. And you REALLY had to know the RR schedule, and sometimes we'd get caught mid-supper or shelling peas, and out we'd all dash to get the fresh laundry before cinders or smoke could get to it. (I DO digress).

    But she was adamant that it was no trouble at all, and so in they went, with me setting my phone for the end-time and hustling over to get them out before she took her 90-year-old self back down those basement stairs again.

    So no floofy scent for me, this time---I'll settle for yours. Are they YOURS?


  5. I do like to see it because it brings back memories, however, I would not like to do it because it brings back memories of when my mother would send me to the cold backyard in winter to hang up the wash. My memories are of very cold hands.

  6. About the only time I hang out to dry is when I'm at the lake with a collection of wet suits and beach towels. But how I love the look of laundry -- especially sheets -- blowing in the breeze. And it smells so fresh after!