"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, October 10, 2016

Matthew the Hurricane

They tell you exactly where you can go.....and exactly where YOU CANNOT GO...

We take the back roads....through tiny little towns...
Houses and churches pass by in a BLUR.........

that's an evacuation sign.....sorry so blurry! LOL

When the lanes are reversed....everybody goes the same way.........

Trying to get to safety........as the waves start getting bigger...

we watched as the storm moved up the coast and wreaking damage all along Florida. Then...we knew it was headed right for us. 

We took refuge in Columbia, South Carolina.

What's that old saying?
The sunset reflected in one of the tall buildings:

We've been so lucky the past years!! This time we were not going to be so lucky.....

Sometime in the middle of the night, I startled awake to pitch black nothingness. It was so eerie and quiet.....everything was OFF and the darkness was that kind where you couldn't even see your hand in front of your own face. There was no power on. The kind of dark where you scramble to find your flashlight...and knock it down in your panic and lose it! LOL
 Many trees fell all over the state that night. Here's one of the biggest I saw:

I wish my photos weren't so blurry--but the little news-girl was running around getting her scene set up and working...I tried not to get into her way.

Wow! you don't really realize how big and deep those tree roots go that anchor the big trees! Until you see one ripped up.

Even though we did evacuate, there were trees down everywhere by us.
We stayed another day because most of the power was out in Charleston.

 Here's some pictures of going home day:

Packed. Very slow going.

Many families, dogs, cats, on their way home.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected by this tragedy. So many have been injured or lost homes, their transportation, even lives. Thank you to the many who called, texted, and emailed to see if we got out safely. The encouragement, prayers, and virtual hugs helped so much. Packing up your self and your pets and not knowing what you are even coming home to is nerve wracking, to say the least. We are so thankful for a safe journey, and even FINDING a hotel room---everything everywhere was SOLD OUT clear upstate by Tuesday night or so. 
We arrived home to a safe and whole house with no damage, just alot of limbs scattered on the yard. Our power was ON! So thankful for that as so many still have no power. Our daughter lost everything in her refrigerator as their power was out for days and only restored late today. Still, we are thankful. Groceries can be replaced, lives cannot.
A few more quick snaps of areas all over:

the utility crews are doing a great job for us!

Right now it looks like the flooding is particularly bad in Lumberton, North Carolina.

A big thank you the power and utility workers who have arrived from all over to help get us back running. And to all the firemen, policemen and women, EMS workers, first responders, National Guard, rescue teams, Red Cross, shelter volunteers and any and all who have taken precious time away from their own families to come help!
Those are the heros.


  1. Don't know if my comment went through or not, so I'll repeat, I am glad you are safe and no damages to your home.

    That was a scary, awful storm.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Glad to read that you are safe and came through the storm unscathed.


  3. Oh, my Dear! I have no words for this, except that I'm SO sorry this happened to you. It's so horrifyingly real in your words and even the blur of the photos, I can hardly work the mouse to the next and the next of the pictures of your escape and return. I've been thinking of you for DAYS, as well as of Chris Sis and family, on the NC coast.

    I'm just so thankful you are whole and well, and so sorry for all those so vastly affected by this tragic terror of nature.

    Moire non when I have the words, but just this: If ever this happens again, or anything like it, you just come right on over here to ME, that minute.


  4. So glad you are safe and sound. Our prayers are with you all.

  5. I'm so thankful that you are back home and your house is in good shape! We can try not to worry...but it's impossible! I'm praying for everyone still working on clean up. Take care sweet friend. Give those pets a snuggle for me! Hugs, Diane

  6. I have been thinking about you SO much... Glad you found a motel room and were safe... Scary storm which did SO much damage. AND--the best news is that your home is fine... Like you said, things can be replaced. Lives cannot...

    Blessings to you. I have been praying for you and your loved ones.


  7. I have dear friends in Mt Pleasant who I was very worried about. They did not evacuate but
    were lucky enough to not lose power, except for five minutes, and had minimal damage. You were very wise to leave Charleston. I am happy to hear that your home was in good shape when you returned.

  8. I thought about you every day during this terrible storm and wondered if you were safe and hoping and praying like crazy that you were. So happy you are safe and that your things were safe as well. Blessings indeed.

  9. i am so happy to hear you are well and the blogging dogs too! this was a great account of the storm and what you all went through...love the marquee "matthew go home" and all the pictures of the dogs on their way back home!

  10. So glad you are safe, I have been thinking of all my blog friends down south in the path of Matthew!!

  11. I'm very glad to see this post. So grateful all was pretty well at home and no injuries, major damage other than branches. So very scary -- thanks for wonderful reporting.

  12. Glad to know you are safe! Happy Thursday ♥

  13. WoW!!! this feels and looks so much like super storm sandy, we have yet to recover fully. i thought of you so often, even though i knew you had evacuated, it looks like you did the right thing. it appears the evacuation was very organized, thank goodness for the people who help. i am so happy you are safe and that your home is also!!!!