"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, June 4, 2020


Today some pictures of my big dollhouse! I LOVE dollhouses.
Tansy has made herself at home! LOL. Oh my goodness, I love the pretty fireplace and the elegant pink chair and the gold mirror. And check out that pretty wall paper!
Look at the PRETTY RUGS!

Decorated just beautifully..........

Tansy couldn't wait to get in!

Well here's Miss Beckie checking it out! She rang the doorbell and Tansy called out "come on in, y'all!"...and this is what happened. LOL

there are 3 levels, and stairs going up
 It's pretty tall, and VERY STURDY, unlike the plastic ones of today.
looks like Tansy tried to put the outdoor lounge chairs into the living room....oooops. Maybe she was trying to convert it into a sun room? LOL

put a new "rug" down in the bathroom!

wall papered the upstairs bedroom in roses!

Back around Christmas, Tansy had a Christmas tree right smack dab in the middle of her kitchen! LOL

Tansy has a friend here helping her put away accessories
Today....just a lighthearted and frivolous post. I needed it, maybe you did as well?


  1. Oh when I was a child I loved my Barbies, problem was that there were not a lot of Barbie houses so I always made my own. I used to get in the living room beside the chair and couch in the corner and with things around the house I made my Barbies home. Tissue boxes turned upside down with blankets and pillows were the beds!!! Mom made all my Barbie clothes so my girls were well dressed. I was really jealous when all these cool things came out for Barbie when my daughter was little. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  2. I have some dolls here that would like to come over for a play date or a sleepover! They are bored here in the doll room! hahaha! I could use a little dollie fun too. Life is hard right now and I have roofers looking around on my roof for the leak we have with water in the bedroom. So I may just pack a bag and a doll and come to your house! Which room in the doll house can I have? Hugs!

  3. I love doll houses too! Tansy is a lucky girl indeed! We all need something to makes us smile and you did that today, it’s beautiful ,

  4. sometimes nothing is everything!!