"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, February 12, 2018

Pretty Rutledge House

I made this picture of the house last spring

Saturday we walked granddaughter and the ponies over by Rutledge House. This is the first historical building I am teaching her about. The  three story home was built in 1763. It was originally a two story home and Thomas  Gadsen  later added the third story in 1853.  John Rutledge was a signer of our Constitution, and was also a Governor of South Carolina twice. He drafted part of our Constitution right up there, in one of the second floor drawing rooms! He held many many offices and was Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court as well.  

The home is now an Inn. Nineteen rooms and suites (some in carriage house), about $230.00 per night, complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea, evening brandy and sherry, and pet friendly. The piazza is lovely and I read they have a very nice private courtyard.

I love the fancy wrought iron ornamental work! It was done by the German-born blacksmith, Christopher Werner. Beautiful Italian marble fireplaces were added about the same time, as well as lovely parquet floors.

On the way, the ponies stopped for a "snack"!
Another interesting fact about the house is that She-crab soup was invented here!  Long after the Rutledge family, after Robert Rhett puchased the home, he entertained President William Howard Taft and his butler/cook, William Deas, created the delicious soup for him, in 1909. He added the orange crab eggs to give the plain crab soup color. I do love She-crab soup!
 Have you tried She-crab soup?--it's kind of a mix between a chowder and a bisque, and it's very rich and delicious, full of blue crab meat and the eggs of the female blue crab. It also has heavy cream, Worcestershire sauce, sherry, celery, and other good things.
Federal Eagle---a tribute to John Rutledge's service in federal and State government

John Rutledge built this big house for his nineteen year old bride, Elizabeth Grimke. Elizabeth grew up in a house on Tradd Street. They married on May 1, 1763, and had a long and happy marriage. They had ten children. Eight of them lived to be adults. One little girl (Sarah) died either at, or shortly after birth, and a son, Thomas, died young.
Elizabeth fled Charleston shortly before the city fell, during the Civil War. She spent the war years in Philadelphia and gave birth to her last son there. The family returned  to massive destruction in the city, and major damage to the home.The house took a direct hit from a big cannon ball in the War.
George Washington visited the house in 1791 and had breakfast with Elizabeth.
Ponies in their pretty spring dresses

this brave flower is trying to escape!

Sunday after church we took a Sunday drive.

Lots of people were out and about, enjoying the warm day

I had fun making pictures of this pretty car!

And then we drove over to the beach. I think it was in the 70's here this weekend, so nice--but when we stepped out on the beach, it felt FREEZING! LOL I was so glad to have a coat and my hat with me and immediately put it on.

Things bobbing in the cold gray waves:

Wow, what's that? You can barely see it. We only knew it's approach by the loud foghorn.

Lots of people aboard. They were singing and shouting and waving good-bye as they began their journey. I wonder where they were off to?
 Stopped at the thrift store:
a lovely blue chiffon skirt----swirly, twirly, soft!

.....and these pretty glass globes, heavy, and so pretty! I have one already, so now I have three.
Hope y'all had a real nice weekend and I also want to thank those of you who sent prayers and sweet messages and words of comfort this past sad week. We miss our sweet girl so much.


  1. What a beautiful home! If I am ever down in Charleston again, I will look into staying there.

  2. Wouldn't you just love to spend a night or two in that inn?

  3. the first home/inn has such amazing details, what gorgeous accents and trim!! a night or two there, a walk on the beach - now that sounds perfect to me!!!

  4. I just love how you share the beautiful area you live in with us! I'd absolutely love staying at the inn!! Can you imagine??? So much history right there!
    So sorry to hear about your sweet Gypsy......I am just now catching up with your recent posts and I am so very sorry.

  5. Fascinating history and such a beautiful old house. I love the steps and that door. Love the old car too, especially the color!

  6. How beautiful! And she crab soup, too! Yum! Great post, Debbi. Looks like a wonderful day out.

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