"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, November 14, 2016

And the Rain came down...

It was a wet wet day in Charleston...

and everybody still came out to play! The streets and sidewalks were still busy.

These Citadel cadets weren't going to let a little rain dampen their spirits.

Blurry pictures for a blurry day..........

I spotted these high up in a tree..........lemons?

so I went in for a closer look...........

maybe not lemons after all?

makes you think of Abbey Road?

Spotted these kayakers in the harbor so stopped to make pictures as they paddled by

This pair seemed happy to be out running in the cold rain:

and off they go.....into the mist.
I like rainy days.......do you?


  1. I just love your rainy day pictures...made me feel like I was right there getting wet too.

  2. i LOVE wet and rainy days but only if i can stay home and cook!!!!

    your captures sure had a rainy day feel!!!

  3. I like rainy days, also....when I can be indoors looking out at them preferably!! Today it has poured all day long - a cold, icy rain. Brrrrr!!

  4. I sometimes like rainy days -- all depends on how many in a row! I hope that rain moves west to the wild fires.

  5. oh looks cold, and i wouldn't want to be out in the kayak, they are hardcore! did my eyes see that right? the girl with 2 different colored shoes? a nice glimpse of the rainy day!