"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rainy day on the Island

We spent a rainy  afternoon on Sullivan's Island this summer
Even on rainy days, the marsh is beautiful, especially if the tide is up

All the flowers were enjoying the rain

and these runners got soaked right after I snapped this photo:

We saw some interesting  sights......this huge old oak tree

Mercy can you imagine the stories this old tree could tell us??!

this neat old gate (I adore creaky old gates!)

this pretty bottle tree
and this amazing old gate---
leading to this......
Who wants to go ring the bell with me?


  1. Gorgeous! Your island looks beautiful

  2. I just love your pictures! Old gates are beautiful! What is about a gate? I started loving gates as a child, spending time with my Aunt Berlie. She had a little fenced-in garden with a gate that I loved opening and closing.

  3. I do! Love old picket fences and gates. That old tree is so intriguing. I wonder how old it is? I feel as though I'm getting a pretty experience of what Charleston is like without having to spend the money for travel. Thank you, as always, for the tour!


  4. liked the oak tree and rainy flowers so pretty

  5. I would love to visit there sometime. I've only once been to anyplace with tides!! Is that Boo Radley's place? :-) BTW I wish you could watch our cute little kittens. They're delightful! I had no idea how charming they would be, which is kinda a dangerous thing. Lol

  6. What an idyllic spot. I can see why you love to be there. It's just beautiful!

  7. That wasn't the Angel Tree was it???
    One of these days - I'm going to get over to your "neck of the woods" to see that tree!!