"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Walking on a November Day

It was a beautiful day for a long walk so we set out to see what was blooming!

Isn't that pretty how they scattered the pumpkins on the steps?

Creeping Jenny, pansies, and cyclamen maybe?

Just look at their beautiful little faces!

Always glad to take y'all along for a walk with us!
Do I see lemons?

Love these! Think they are purple petunias?

I don't know what these tall purple flowers are, but we do have them growing in our yard. Wild. We don't plant them. Someone told me they were "swamp Iris". 

Hot pink cyclamen, such a pretty color!

I think this is clematis vine! Our didn't grow this year, so we will try again next spring! Because I sure do love them!
Scarlet geraniums

We had a really pretty sunset
and this little kitty looked up at us and said "Its getting dark and it's time to go home!"
By then we were ready for more turkey left-overs, so that's what we did!


  1. Beautiful! I always enjoy a walk in a pretty southern city. ;)

  2. I'd walk for MILES with you!! It won't be all those lovely Springy plants and blooms, for we are to the bare-bones trees now, with all the colours just little punctuations amongst the forests that were. But we are going to start going to walk in some of the lovely older neighborhoods with the Victorians and the Bungalows and the MANSIONS along Meridian (Meridian street runs off the hub of downtown, and delineates all the street signs into East and West, and was THE neighborhood as the city prospered so speedily. One funny thing is, if we didn't want to take I-65 to our house in Alabama, we could get on Meridian, drive 700 miles, and go right to our driveway). We did that toward Canada one year, and I think most of the little towns twixt here and there spent most of their city budgets on traffic lights---we seemed to stop every thirty seconds all the way up).

    We've just spent the PM on the tree decorating, and opening the boxes has had the scent and feel of welcoming old friends. The LR tree is pink, pearl and gold this year.

    I hope you a wonderful rest-of-November!!


  3. what a lovely walk. I do love looking at all the flowers that you posted.

  4. Love those wild and crazy speckled petunias! So nice to see flowers outside! Apart from mums, ours have finally gone down under for the year. A lovely walk!

  5. And I love going on walks with you! Now do you live in an historic home?