"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Summer Dance

Last weekend we attended the Shagging dance at the pier.

The South Carolina State Dance is the Shag

We will need our energy! ha ha LOL

Making our way to the end of the long pier....to the dance. Fun to be underneath the big bridge!

Stopping to enjoy the sunset!

This couple was great!

So were they!
CLICK HERE TO SEE SHAGGING DANCING: (could watch them all day---they are so good!)

Shaggin Grand Nationals 2014

The band (Sneakers) kept the dance floor PACKED all night long. Nothing really beats dancing outside, under the stars! Good music, good times!

Shagging at Nationals:(click below)

Fun to watch!-another great couple!

It was one of the most beautiful nights I can remember in a long time.......we didn't even get hot dancing........there was a constant breeze going to keep us cool.

I'm pretty sure the shag dance originated around the 1940s.  Kids in the 50s and 60s did it to 'beach music'. Its a very relaxed dance with the legs looking like limber noodles but the dance steps very precise. Today we have shag clubs all over our state--Greenville, Charleston, Columbia, Sumter, Spartanburg, and of course Conway, North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach.

my friend over at "Lawn Tea" remembers about the fun times of shagging too! Click below to read her fun memories! Looks like her and I both have been enjoying good old fashioned beach music today. It really is happy music.
Shagging in North Carolina

A real good place to take a break! And what a view!

Lights of the city---Beautiful view back across the water to our home in Charleston

I'll leave you with this:

84 Year Olds Shagging: (click below)

84 Year Olds Shaggin in Myrtle Beach


  1. Oh, Boy, Oh, Boy!!

    I've just watched Charlie and Jackie and was just mind-dancing my sandals off!! I'm still listening to a re-wind as I write this. What a Fun evening and What A Wonderful Gathering!! I can just feel the energy, the night air, and all that MUSIC!

    It's inspired me to write a little piece about Chris' Sis and her husband, who married years ago, are almost our age, and about twenty years ago, took Shagging On The Beach lessons, and attended dances all over NC. I SO wanted to do that happy dance, and enjoyed it so much.

    I think of those happy-foot days often, for in the years intervening, they have taken in and adopted FIVE of her daughter's children, one at a time as they were born, and now with grandchildren older than the little ones, are spending their days and nights in a round of school and soccer and all the attendant Mom and Dad things, with young ones from five to eighteen, now.

    I'm gonna go get a post done about this and link back to you later today!

    LOVE THIS, and could just listen to the music all day.


  2. I like your blog. I've nominated you for a quote challenge. If you're interested the information is at the bottom of my blog post. no pressure just fun

  3. Ha ha, I had to see what was happening over here - Shaggin means something completely different in Ireland, I must tell you!! :)

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  4. Dancing is such fun and brings happiness (and sometimes shortness of breath) to all who participate. Dance on!

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  6. I've never heard of Shagging! What a fantastic dance. It would really keep you in shape. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Looks like so much fun ♥


  8. I had never heard of Shagging until I read Lawn Tea...then I came here and ya'll are Shagging all over the place...:)