"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Grandparents Day

First time on the big tree swing!

To those of you who enjoy the wonderful blessing and privilege of being Grandparents or even Great Grandparents----I hope you enjoyed the day set aside to honor Grandparents last weekend. Earlier that week, we were invited to go have lunch with granchild at her school, and that was so fun! She was so excited to see us!
 On Grandparents Day--we had a wonderful afternoon and evening. We went swinging on the big tree swing in one of our favorite special gardens.

And we spent the evening on the beach, until we were so hungry for supper--we had to leave! LOL

"Is this the little girl I carried?
Is this the little boy at play?
I don't remember growing older--
when did they?
When did she grow to be a beauty?
When did he get to be so tall?
Wasn't it yesterday
when they were small?
Sunrise, Sunset
Swiftly fly the days
Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers
Blossoming even as they gaze.
Sunrise, Sunset. Sunrise, Sunset.
...........Perry Como
I just love that beautiful song and it's message. Its such a good reminder to me to not put off things til "someday". Someday may never come. 

Shoes came off and fun was had!

Waves crashed, seagulls sang, pelicans dove for supper, and a nice salty breeze kept us cool.

Mr. Front Porch and I are both enjoying this stage of life SO MUCH. What a blessing and gift to be grandparents. We take that role seriously and do all we can to help/support/encourage, and are always mindful of "what will this little child remember of me? what legacy am I leaving her? What can we teach her that is lasting? How can we be good role models?" What a treasure grandchildren are, and someday we are looking forward to being great-grandparents as well! If the good Lord gives us that opportunity, we will be so thrilled! 
One thing we all know for sure--children remember the time you spent with them. Gifts are soon forgotten, lost, out-grown. But that precious TIME YOU spend with them lasts forever in their hearts. And time flies by in the blink of an eye, it's here and gone so quickly. I can't believe how fast it is going by.  Time and ourselves is the most important gift we can give our grandkids, isn't it?
I don't want to miss a second of it!


  1. Ahhh! What a sweet picture of the three of you! BTW, I love your daughter's dress. Yes, we need to be mindful of the memories we leave. If only people would realize how it shapes the little one's lives. Happy Grandparent's Day to you!


  2. Love the photos, especially the ones of the three of you.

    Glad you had such a lovely day ~ FlowerLady

  3. This post sure hit home with me. I have grandchildren living a little over an hour away and I rarely see them. Of course, they are all grown. I miss them being younger and enjoying spending time with us. The pictures of you three are lovely, and so sweet.

  4. Yes, time with those we love and making memories is the best gift of all. My oldest granddaughter, who just got her drivers license, called me up this weekend and asked me out to dinner. It was such a wonderful, special night.

  5. What a wonderful photo of the three of you on the beach! And it's so true...the time just flies by. Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Beautiful post Debbi. Being a grandparent is wonderful. Unfortunately, my grands are now all grown up ---and I didn't get to spend enough time with them... Lots of reasons why --but I do regret it... SO-you are correct! Spend as much time with your grands as you can!!!!