"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Folly Beach

Lots of people
and cars, and hustle and bustle.
Visiting the souvenir shops you can find pool floats, beach balls, sun-hats and sunscreen, flip-flops and frisbees, coolers and cans and fun summer t-shirts. You can get a big tall melty ice cream cone......
and see pretty beach flowers in full bloom.
Some fun lawn ornaments:

Sea swimmers:

And Folks out enjoying a salty evening by the sea. Dogs too!

And little ones.....new to the ocean. Discovering what wet sand feels like in between your toes and seeing the quick little ghost crabs scurrying about like lightning.
If you stay late enough....you get to see this:

Goodnight, Beach.


  1. Thank you for this lovely little stroll at Folly Beach.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. That picture of the beach flowers and the weathered fence is pretty enough to frame and hang in the living room. Thanks for the sweet tour!


  3. Oh, You Tell It, Sister!! I have such a calling to the ocean, despite my raising hundreds of miles inland, way up in the Delta. And proximity to The River makes me think my blood must be half salt-water and half muddy. But I've never been a beach baby, with all the lying out and the long days in the sun---my time comes when the sun starts to lower and make those orangey-peach tones in the sky.

    We lived for some time way down on the Alabama coast, very close to Florida, so at least once every two weeks, usually right after supper, one of us would say, "Want to GO for a while?" and we'd hop in the car with our tea glasses or something to nibble in the cooler, and head down to Pensacola Beach.

    Just sitting in that white sugar-sand on a cooling night, with the only sounds some lingering birds and the neon waves coming in---what a soul-cleansing and restoring place! There would be only the guys with metal-detectors and maybe another couple or two in the evening breeze, and sometimes we'd stay til midnight, just soaking in the peace and serenity of the scene.

    And THANK YOU for the kind words this morning!! Best Friends sounds simply wonderful! I was simply so struck by the way you made those strong, hard-working folks come alive on the page, with the grime and the sweat and dedication. We both have much to be proud of in our family lines. Nobody's rich, nobody's famous in mine, but they are all memorable and precious.

    And ours was UNCLE Fancy, of the gold watch chain across the expanse of his gabardine vest, and those wide-butt pin-stripe pants, all cloaked in the lingering aura of his ever-present cigars. He and Aunt Lo were quite the notorious pair in the county, after six-year-old I spilled the beans about a little sojourn with them to a place I shouldn't have been. If my Mother and Mammaw had been the fainting and smelling-salts sorts, then would have been the time.

    I'm immersed in Miss Lois's life right now, and enjoying it immensely, especially in contrasting it to the book I'm listening to on Audible, about one turn-of-the-century woman's labor and struggles in an area of Mississippi not far from my own family of that era. I keep listening for familiar places and family names that might connect us, for her story is pretty much ours.

    Thank you so much for sharing more of your own history and your feelings about the folks who made you YOU.


  4. Thank you for showing us Folly Beach. Some of the best days of my life growing up in the 50's were spent at Folly Beach. I haven't been there since I was probably ten years old. We spent two weeks there every summer in a cottage on the beach. A place daddy rented from Jimmy Laymier. (not sure about the spelling, but I will always remember hearing daddy mention the man's name).

  5. Nice shots of people walking the beach and the happenings at the beach!!

  6. That's such a gorgeous place to spend time! And it's nice to be able to stay for sunset...nothing more beautiful than that time of day on the beach! Love photos of others there enjoying a stroll...especially the little one! Hugs!

  7. I love the beaches in your neck of the woods. Such fun and so beautiful!