"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Savannah in Charleston

I just love this line of rowhouses and if I didn't know better, I'd think I was in Savannah instead of Charleston. They look so much like Savannah townhomes!

Pretty pastel colors
Many levels (three story)
Inlaid stone patterns on the stair landing
Look at all that chippy patina on the old post..

The Italianette style homes were built by Sarah Smith in 1854. They have six bedrooms/four bathrooms and are about 6040 square feet. The row of homes is called "Bee's Row" because they were taken over during the Civil War by William Bee, a blockade runner. He filled them with contraband goods which he stored and sold here, because the homes were out of the range of Federal guns. Customers would come "shopping" here at Bee Store to buy the  merchandise brought into the City by Confederate blockade runners.

Beautiful ornate carving!! Maybe a lost art?
Glass panes in the old door
Gorgeous iron fencing and gate

Some were lived in and some looked to be getting renovated.
The homes are in Harleston Village, one of our nicest boroughs. I love to walk around there.


  1. Italianette houses are very dear to my heart. I used to own one. As a matter of fact it's corbels were identical to those one the houses you photographed. Enjoyed your tour very much!


  2. Good Morning, Dear Girl!

    What a splendiferous group of dwellings! Can you imagine the scent and sounds inside those exquisite doors? The slight creak of the wood-plank floors and stairs, thump of kneading bread way back in the kitchen, and the scent of polish and lemon wax and starch-for-the-curtains, with the lingering hint of yestertime's syllabub and punch, and the lemon verbena of the ladies' tussy-mussys.

    And IMAGINE stepping out the door and walking on HISTORY just to get to the mailbox~~ Someday I'll see it; someday I will.

    Quiet weekend with a soccer game, errands, several Deep Space Nine (we do love us some Star Trek, and bless Netflix---and more errands to day. Gorgeous weather, and the clouds are beyond the telling beautiful.

    And you?

  3. What a very elegant row of homes. The details are just magnificent. I certainly wish I could hop down and see them in person! The Civil War history is fascinating. Thanks, Debbi!

  4. What gorgeous gorgeous homes.... I love both Savannah and Charleston ---so love seeing pictures from both places... I love the history you shared about Bee.... That is just awesome.... Thanks for sharing.....


  5. gorgeous!!! you NEED to get inside, do you think that is possible?? maybe with your sweet southern charm!! hehehehe