"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, January 13, 2020

Rain and the park

Saturday dawned bright and sunny............NOT! LOL it rained off and on all day. But it was hot. We opened windows. I think some people turned on air conditioners.
These were needed:

Oh my!--there's a colorful horse herd parading down the wall!

I wanted to bring my little herd outside to make pictures of them. I just adore these colorful little horses and unicorns!! We gave little Fairy Granddaughter a bunch of them for Christmas too.

I love the colors and I love the sweet little faces and the details on the ears, eyes, tails, etc.

They come in little packages like this, and you don't know what you got until you open it up. Fun!

Here I'll do my Mary Poppins impression for y'all! ha ha LOL Hang on....we might fly away! 
I wanted to walk around and see what all was blooming
Lots of people like us, out dodging the rain showers. It did everything from shower, to drizzle, to drip, to spit, to mist. LOL

Warm candles in windows cheer everything up
Beautiful buds sprouting forth:
Cyclamens blooming:

rain-slick sidewalks
I love rainy walks

my lens did this! LOL

Sunday after church we went for a short drive over to a park we like to walk in. So we did a Sunday drive AND a Sunday walk. LOL Saw these on the way:
Lots of doggies out enjoying the almost 80 degree day!

These yellow flowers were high up in a  tree!

I gave myself this pretty new shawl for Christmas! ha ha LOL You KNOW HOW I AM about the shawls.............ha ha
So....let's go walk around the park!

Beautiful purples and greens!

one of my favorite pictures of the day

love these pretty red berries!

Look at the SIZE of this thing!!:

This park has alot of the old live oaks. I love this big one. Think of all the hurricanes this tree has weathered. I do believe this big strong old tree just LAUGHS at hurricanes at this point! LOL He is big and strong. Probably laughs in the face of danger.

love the ferns that sprout out on these ancient old live oaks....makes them look shaggy!!
(below) this is my favorite old magnolia tree. I visit her every spring to be amazed at the hundreds of beautiful dinner plate size blooms she blesses us with. Mr. Front Porch checked----and sure enough---the buds are already there, it won't be long now!!
Love her glossy green leaves, so shiny!
.......and she was nice enough to hold my new shawl so I could make pictures of it in the hot breeze!

.....and that was our weekend. I hope yours was nice as well and I'll be by to visit with y'all later tonight.


  1. Debbi, You make me laugh and smile. I love all the pictures. You playing with the horses. :):) The pretty flowers and the old live oak. I adore those trees. Beautiful scarf. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. You have the best walks and no snow! I’m in!

  3. I love a rainy day! Or night! And I really love seeing you out and about! That shawl! Oh, my! Really beautiful!

  4. I love those horses! I collected Breyer horses when I was little! I had just about every one of them! So much is blooming there! I saw some forsythia blooming the other day...it's still too early but it has been warm so the weather tricked them! Beautiful shawl!