"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, February 11, 2019

Slow Sunday

The beautiful tulip trees are in full bloom!

We had a nice weekend and hope y'all did as well.
Mr. Front Porch tackled a bunch of paperwork and finished it up and I stripped the bed and washed all the sheets, bedspread etc. I love getting into a nice clean bed, don't you?
We've been watching "the Crown" on Netflix.  We are in Season Two. Anyone else watching?

We took a few drives, went to the grocery and wal-mart to stock up on household items.
Got me some lipsticks! I love getting new colors! I wanted something "plum-ish" or "violet-ish".

....in case  you like the colors, here they are:

Mr. Front Porch did make it to church this morning, and I just plum slept in! LOL
On our walk today:
My Gypsy heart, my seahorse locket, my seahorse charm and my sparkly blue beads, on a beat up old flannel shirt! LOL

...and my faithful old red pocketbook! ha ha LOL

Let's go!!

We  met these sweet little dogs, out enjoying their walk.
Sophia is elderly, but doing very well at 14, I think her owner said.
this sweet doggie is guarding it's gate!

Today's "arm candy" LOL

Flags in a row:
I got a new skirt and couldn't wait to wear it! Love the colorful and happy print!

Oh look who joined me in my photo, LOL--my new little friend
Isn't she precious!? Got her at the thrift store this week! She's so new, I haven't even named her yet! LOL She is a nice addition to my "plastic horse collection". Mr. Front Porch says I am needing a BARN for them all! ha ha!
also found this lovely framed picture:
....here's a better look:
Here's my friend Beauty to greet me!
she came running with her toy, wanting me to play with her!
I couldn't....there is a gate between her and I. We are "at the gate friends". LOL
Remember my post about Stuckey's a few weeks ago? Look what Mr. Front Porch brought me from a recent business trip! Stuckey's magnets!!---I love them!

Pretty jewels on a brick wall. If you find them, take them----I left them there for you!


  1. Debbi, I loved walking with you. That Hyman's , is where my daughter and I ate when we visited Charleston....which now seems so very long ago. One day I hope to visit your beautiful city again. Love the cute Stucky magnets, sweet of your husband to think of you. It doesn't take a lot to make us smile. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. The new skirt is perfect for you and I am surprised to see all your blooms while we here in Arizona are in cold temps with no blooms.

  3. The tulip tree is magnificent and your flowered skirt is a very pretty. I love to wear my long skirts also.

  4. I love our walks together! Yes, that skirt is gorgeous on you! I like long skirts and dresses, too. Remember the midi skirts? Not long and not short. I never hem anything I buy unless it’s TOO long. I’m only a fraction above 5 foot.
    Collecting plastic horses? You know, I think your love of everything is what makes you so much fun! No wonder your husband thinks of you when he’s away on business!
    Happy Monday, Dear Debbi!

  5. I love your new skirt Debbi and you new horse. So pretty! I have watched season 1 and 2 of The Crown. It is one of my favorite shows. Can't wait for season three, but I hear they will have a new cast because the characters have aged. Should be interesting!

  6. the tulip magnolias are gorgeous!! we see those in washington, d.c. when we go to the cherry blossom festival!! i like the shades of lipstick but i wear zero make-up, just lip gloss!!

    such a pretty skirt, a lovely , fun pattern and the colors are so vibrant!

  7. Seeing Stuckey's reminds me of many wonderful trips south with my parents when I was a kid! I've seen the Crown twice now -- well, almost twice. Seen Crown 2 and now working through it again with Rick this time. I cannot WAIT for season three!