"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Presents for a party

Wrapping up presents for little granddaughter's birthday party. She will be six already!

it's made like a journal/scrapbook, with so many interesting things in it

I'm a big believer in reading and giving children books. I love to get her good quality, pretty books. I love ones with big colorful pictures. She is reading, sounding out simple words and sentences now, and she has always loved books and story time. 

a beautiful big book of fairytales---with lots of gorgeous color pictures

a ballerina book

beautiful glossy orcas!

these little 3-D "pop up" books are so cute!

Remember the Velveteen Rabbit story?

and toys too! I recently enjoyed this Barbie movie on Netflix with her, it had these beautiful multi-color dolphins in the story so when I spied this at the store I knew she would love it!

I taped extra "dolphin magic" outfits on the back of the box, along with some extra fish/sea creatures for her to play with

These little dolls below are so adorable! They are only about 4 or five inches long! Easy to tote along in a purse or pocket, so I got her a whole set of them!

a pretty blue seersucker summer dress!
And some dresses for her "ponies" too!

Her party is unicorn theme......and she is loving all things unicorn.......so I got her this unicorn to play with too

I do love looking at all the fun toys they come out with, and I think I love dolls just as much as she does! LOL

bright colored presents....waiting to be opened!

Pretty things on the table!

So happy Y'all helped me get those presents wrapped up and came along to the party with us! We had fun and hope you did too!------Now, how about another piece of cake and a cup of coffee?


  1. I love buying my grandchildren presents also. Pop-up books are always the best.

  2. Happy Birthday to this special fairy! I had fun at your party and saw some dolls I would like to play with (oh and find to buy myself! heehee) I DO love the beautiful books to read and look at. She can probably get her journal and draw some fairies and mermaids too! What fun we've had! Thanks for inviting me! Birthday hugs and kisses, Diane

  3. Love, love the books and aren't you just the right person to read them with:) Am sure it was a great day.

  4. We both have six year old grands! Our grand quads just had a big party on Sunday and Amber requested books only as gifts. They already have so many toys and books are so important! Our Harrison can read as well as Granddad but that doesn’t mean he understands it all. The girls can all three read simple books and they all four love books just about as much as their mother did when she was their age.
    You really know your little girl’s heart because your gifts are spot on perfect!
    Happy Birthday all around!

  5. It will be a wonderful birthday for her -- great gifts! I'm all about the books too. In fact, one of my favorite personal books (even though it has been without a cover for years) is the fairy tale book my parents gave me. I just fell into the illustrations! She'll love the one you chose! I'd love it!