"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Summer Nights

Looking back at the summer nights

I love big bold prints!

Summer blooms swaying in the hot breeze

 The steps, the gates, the cobblestones, streets, and bricks have all absorbed the hot summer sun all day, and are hot to the touch.

In the worst heat of the summer season, we take our walks at night, about the only time it's tolerable. Lots of other people are out doing the same. We encounter lots of walkers, prowling night cats,  joggers, leashed dogs, teenagers on skate-boards, groups of twenty or so people--the nightly "ghost tours", being led to the 'spooky' sights by their tour guides, bicyclists, swooping bats, and sometimes sleeping babies in strollers.  Folks stand in line waiting to be seated at the popular restaurants as hostesses bring them ice cold water while they wait, and the mouth watering smells of fried seafood and hush puppies is wafting out into the humid streets.

We tote along cold water or tea on ice, paper towels, and I freeze face wipes in the freezer, put them into a sealed baggie with ice cubes--- they feel GREAT on my face, wrists, and neck on hot  walks! Mr. Front Porch will use bug spray...I can't stand it, so I will use the Baby Oil Cream, which seems to work just as well. Hats are a "must"--they keep the "vicious varmits" out of your scalp and hair--the mosquitoes and "no-see-ums" which flock in aggressive swirls in the night air. We often have to wear long sleeves, pants, shoes and socks on the bad nights and then of course, you burn up even more. LOL Sometimes you have to debate--"do I want to keep the "skeeters" off me, (wear the pants and long sleeves) or do I want to be cool? (bare legs, sandals, and a cool skirt)" You will often see me slipping  light-weight slacks underneath my dresses, to protect my legs.
"No-see-ums rivaled the mosquito for the position of state bird. They were all but invisible ferocious little bugs that would devour you like piranhas. Well, almost. My Daddy used to call them "flying jaws".   ......Dot Frank, Lowcountry Summer
You won't see us taking our dogs out to walk too often on summer nights, one of our girls is elderly and it's just too dang HOT FOR HER to go on long walks. They lounge on cool floors while we go!--and eagerly await late Fall and their happy sunny winter walks.

Why do we walk at all when it's so hot here and we have to battle the bugs?---- Because we both love it. Because it's good for us. Fresh air. Exercise. Because we have wonderful conversations as we walk and I am happily taking many photographs. Because it's fun and interesting and we see so many sights not seen in the daytime. The city is slowing down and getting ready for a night of slumber. People have calmed down and there is little to no traffic. Businesses and offices have closed their doors, rattling delivery trucks have stopped for the day, the mailmen/women are done and sweaty summer children have been taken in for cool baths and early suppers.  The quiet. The peace of a city closing up it's gates and curtains, tucking children into bed, and getting into cold clean sheets in air conditioned rooms.
Owls hoot. An approaching ship bellows it's horn as it comes into port from the sea. We wonder who they are, where they came from, and what merchandise they are delivering. Crickets chirp. Night birds call. Frogs sing from Charleston's many fountains and ponds. Fountains splash and splatter in the dark summer quiet, a soothing and refreshing sound. Heat lightning flashes far away and the heavy scent of flowers perfumes the salty air. Even the familiar  "clip-clop-clip-clop" of the hooves of the carriage horses has stopped and the horses are tucked into their safe stalls with a long drink and plenty of fresh hay.

This picture was taken in the moonlight!--look how bright it was!

Flowers twisting and twirling their way up to the moonbeams

We love to swing here!

.......watch the boats go by........and listen to the fountain.

Bright city lights, and peering into shop windows.

Those red bottles are pretty!

Sleepy pink flowers enjoying a fresh coating of dew, and a break from the scorching summer sun

Someone is home upstairs

This one is kind of startling----until you realize it's just a painting looking back at you! LOL

"take a book--leave a book"....always fun to check these out!

You might see a bird in a window.......or a blossom that gently fell to a landing.
Another night----another street library!

See any good ones?

Lights are on all over the city........as another silvery moon rises.

Summer nights---goodnight for now. Autumn has arrived.


  1. You have so many beautiful sites to see on your walk. During my trip to Charleston, I have encountered those no-see-umm. Nasty, nasty.

  2. What a beautiful walkabout, Debbi...but I can almost feel the heat shimmering up off the sidewalk and emanating from the sun-soaked brick buildings around you.
    Loved all your pictures and felt like I was right along there with you. xo Diana

  3. Fabulous photos Debbi! I wouldn't mind walking at night, but I can't talk anyone into going with me and I'm not going by myself!

  4. Great photos, Debbi!! I would suffer something awful with all those bugs - this past spring we had an awful time of it with gnats or something similar to your no see ums that would get into my hair, eyes, ears....just everywhere, they were awful and chased me indoors so many times!!

  5. i'm not sure i could tolerate even your nights, i can barely tolerate ours. but if i want to get out, we go by the ocean, it's almost always cooler there....and there is always something happening!!

    pretty captures of your happenings!!!

  6. Wow that's quite the walk. - So many sights to see. I can see why in the heat you'd prefer walking at night. Enjoyed all the different things you shared.

  7. I can see why you walk at night -- it's so hot and yet it's such a lovely spot, it would be a shame not to get out. Good for you, keeping the dogs at bay on hot days. I know they appreciate it a lot! What wonderful photos, as always. You live in such a remarkable spot!