"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cannas and good-bye Irma

Does anyone else love cannas as much as I do? These were on Sullivan's Island.

And these are downtown.

Charleston is busy cleaning up after Irma's wrath. She sure left a mess and destruction everywhere she went. We appreciate all who prayed for our safety, (thank you!) and the safety of not only our city here, but all over Florida as well. 
the calm before the storm
news crews arriving to cover the storm

doing their job

if you saw coverage on the National news, you probably saw the video of the big angry waves coming right over this area where they are walking! These photos are the day before.
a few were out taking a ride before the storm:
this street would be completely underwater within 24 hours.....

this was the last picture I made before the storm. The wind was picking up and STRONG and so cold. We were going to walk more, but I had left my scarf and hat at the house....so we came in. I snapped this flower because I knew it would probably get blown away within hours. 

strong hoses and  pumps sucking and pushing water out of yards, cellars, people's homes
Many neighborhood streets and sidewalks are covered with layers of a nasty gross dirty mud/water/sludge combo mixed with seaweed and other debris and who knows what else. That stuff IS SLICK, and I nearly slicked up and fell twice today, out making pictures.

saws are humming chopping up downed trees

flood soaked furniture pulled to the curb

HA HA HA LOL, that's ONE WAY to get out of ironing!

crews hard at work restoring utilities

this is not our yard, but this IS HOW OUR YARD LOOKED this morning. Garbage all over, it drifted in on the flood waters! Mr. Front Porch had it all cleaned up early this morning. Our street was completely under water as was our driveway and sidewalk. I waded out in tall boots yesterday evening and watched Mr. Front Porch as he joined others by taking his kayak rowing up and down the street! That was a very strange sight! The flood water  did not get into our home, so so so thankful for that! It stopped several feet away.

only way to get by on this street was on foot

These flowers made it and look beautiful today! How they hung on in the wind I'll never know. ?
This flower tries to bloom as it hangs over it's badly flooded yard

pretty little flower trying to bloom, even though Irma smashed them flat

the best foot-wear for today!

my orca pendant, black beads, multi color tiny love beads, large multi-color rock beads and a small story locket. The tiny beads necklace I've had for over 20 years now! And they still go with so many outfits!


  1. Oh, Debbi, this just breaks my heart! I'm so glad your home was saved and you and your family are okay. I truly understand as we went through hurricane Ike in 2008 and couldn't get back into our home for almost two weeks. Nice to see the bright spot of the cannas! Those are beautiful. Thanks for popping in to see my little houses! Don't tell, but I found another one!! Shoot me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. So thankful that you are safe. Such sad pictures and I know they don't tell the whole story. But, God is good... the evidence is everywhere even in the disaster.

  3. OH SO GOOD to see that you and yours are safe---it's a blessing that your water stopped before it reached your door. I know you had your fingernails tight into your palms, just anticipating and hoping stopstopstop as it crept. You have to be plumb slap wore out, Hon, so I hope rest is in the cards for you today. BE CAREFUL in those boots and that slicky grass and walks---no time for slippage and fallage---too much to look forward to.

    Our hearts are still with everybody who has and is suffering any hurt or damage or loss from this devastation, especially with our FLORIDA group, who have still not been back to see if they still have a home. Prayers for all.


  4. Oh, I hate to see all of the things ruined and the big mess in your beautiful city. I'm glad you are safe my friend and I so appreciate you checking in with me during the storm. It was traumatic to me and I'll never forget it. We have chain saws working everywhere and many are still without power. My husband worked on our shingles and cleaned our gutters today. I'm still getting caught up in the house. But we had cooked enough for a few days so that's been nice. Lots and lots of hugs my friend!

  5. Oh wow. Your photos, before and after, truly tell the story of beautiful Charleston. I'm glad it wasn't worse, but when it lands on you, it's always bad. I'm grateful you are safe and it doesn't look like too much damage apart from the mess in the yard but yikes. I'm guessing you were hunkered down at home or did I miss something there? Be careful out there and my heart goes out to you, your neighbors and all everywhere dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

  6. My goodness Debbi! What a storm. So sad to see the flooding and damage from Irma. I'm glad the water stayed out of your house! Some flooding here, but mostly downed trees and power outages. Thankfully I had no damage, but a tree fell on my cousin's house and came through their bedroom wall while she was napping on the bed with her grandson! They are all ok though, as is the rest of my family. So thankful!