"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enjoyed Charleston Today!

With a day like today, I just dont see how the beautiful Fall days here in our Lowcountry could POSSIBLY GET ANY better, do you?

The warm days, crystal clear skies in that bright blue you remember from your childhood, the sun, and the breezes that have just enough of a cool nip to feel GOOD BUT NOT FREEZE YOU!

Todays adventures took us to Chucktown.

Some cute signs I spotted:
                                                                   Pretty scenery:

Supper @ Bessinger's BBQ
1602 Savannah Highway
in West Ashley
(843) 556-1354
We just dropped in..............and it WAS late.........close to closing time!...........but ya know what?
We got service with a smile, and a great attitude, I might add!
Three thumbs up for old fashioned good customer SERVICE, a service/talent/skill sorely lacking in many eating establishments nowadays!

We had never been here before. Enjoyed the atmosphere and all the neat stuff hanging on the walls, especially the circa 1910 or so portrait up by the cash register, really awesome! Loved all the historic photos of the Battery and surrounding area.

The place was very clean, the food arrived in HUGE PORTIONS ( we got doggie bags as we simply could not finish) and everything tasted great.

 The onion rings are so huge you only get one on your plate and that is quite enough! The BBQ had a real nice smokey flavor and the 'tater salad was great.


(above-----the wood booths and the peanut butter pie and chocolate oreo pie.)

"Y'all Go!"             and tell 'em Debbis Front Porch sent you

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