"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

First off--congratulations to my very FIRST follower (you brave soul, LOL!)---"Cottage By the Sea". Please contact me privately on how to get your little gift from my front porch to yours, okay?

To everybody else***happy happy Sunday y'all! It looks to be another gorgeous day here, in the SEVENTIES! Wow, I can hardly beleive it's "open up the windows, grab a sweater for the evenings on the beach, wear long pants instead of capris" weather again!

We will attend church services this morning and I'll enjoy cozying into a light shawl, wearing dark tights and black heels. The time has come to put away the white shoes, purses, skirts, seersucker, linen, etc. and break out the boots and the velvet!! LOL

Not sure where our daytripping adventures will whisk us off to  today, but we'll be toting our little portable grill and some lovely seasoned pork chops to cook outside! Thats why I named this post "another Pleasant Valley Sunday"---it was an old Monkees song that mentioned backyard charcoal grills didn't it?


A scene I photographed a couple years ago, at the Cherry Grove pier. Its a nice pier--a double decker you can climb upstairs on, for an even better view.

Where is your favorite pier?

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