"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inlet Culinary Garden

Today's Spotlight is on Inlet Culinary Garden!

I had a very quick meet up with friendly Manager Amber Dendy today as she was closing up shop and she allowed me to get these gorgeous photos of some of their colorful Fall merchandise. Wow! it was one of the quickest photo sessions I've EVER DONE--but I think I got some great photos to show y'all!
Love all the bright colors!

(above)*****Now thats a neat arrangement!

(above)   Pretty Pansies enjoying a sunny day
I just love pansies. They look so delicate, but they endure cold temps so well!

(Below)  Thats the bed of a pick up truck, well stocked with Autumn goodies

Their ad says "Plant your Fall and Winter Garden"----Lettuce and cool weather herbs have arrived!"
Dill, parsley, cilantro, lettuces, oregano, rosemary, chard, scallions, thyme, sage, lavendar, and citrus

"Inlet Culinary Garden"
Specializing in Culinary Herbs and Edible Landscape

Heres the location:
5071 Highway 17 Bypass S.
Murrells Inlet
Go See 'Em!
....(but dont purchase that big bright colorful sun wall hanging pictured below----I'm going back for that one!)    Just kidding, I'm sure they have several

And here's their phone # in case you have questions:
843 357-1194
Tell 'em "Debbis Front Porch"  sent ya, okay?

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  1. Charming photos that truly capture the essence of fall!