"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Chilly Days

our early morning begonias blooming
.....and sweet "tater" vine:

Then comes sunset--it's a nice time to go out for a walk:

The sun was dancing around on some buildings so pretty!

this looked to be on fire, but it wasn't!

It's chilly enough to wear a jacket! I even got out my fun-fur scarf!--oh it's GREAT walking weather! So refreshing and so COLD! It's been down in the 50s and I know those of you in colder climates will laugh at me over the 50s, --but that is COLD TO US! LOL

pretty colors!

Cute little pumpkins all lined up:

I always pause to admire the  beautiful carvings on this home:
Isn't this so pretty?

they just don't do it like this anymore.........

my beloved cassias are in full bloom!!

love these big tall gates!!

Have you tried this Boom Chicka Pop yet?Oh my goodness...........it's SO SO GOOD! Chocolate drizzled on the popcorn.

We were in the store and here comes Mr. Front Porch over with a whole box display of this stuff for me, as a joke-- LOL!! I said "Let's take a picture for the blog!!!"....so we did! LOL

Enjoyed looking at all the BEAUTIFUL DOLLS they have out and displayed for Christmas. I love getting pretty dolls for little granddaughter, I want her to enjoy them for as long as she can, kids grow up so fast. What is that one song??--"blink" and they are all grown up.

Oh, she would LOVE THIS ONE, she loves unicorns!

and WOW!!--look at these gorgeous glasses!! I want them IN ALL COLORS!--all so pretty I could not decide!

Which color do YOU LIKE BEST?


  1. Wonderful pictures and my favorites are the tower with the sun making it look like it is on fire, the yellow flowers and the tall gates. Love them.

  2. Hi Debbi! Oh, you take some lovely snaps! How are you doing? I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you staying with me and my almost non posting on my blog! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and looking forward to a lovely Christmas.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. Those yellow flowers are gorgeous, Debbi! It's amazing that things are still blooming where you are and we are expecting temps in the single digits tonight - brrrrrr!

  4. I walked With my friend, Jutta, yesterday and it was chilly! In the upper 40’s and I loved it! It was warm to her since she lives in Helsinki.
    I LOVE your Mr. Front Porch! Sounds like my Louis Dean! I take pics of him and say, “Slow blog fodder day! “
    Every post where I see a pic of YOU just makes my day!
    Happy Friday, my dear!!

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  6. Beautiful details on the architecture. And you're right -- it does look like fire in that one photo. Marvelous lighting. Keep cozy in the cool!

  7. i like those blue glasses best...and i would not hesitate to buy that popcorn!!!

    and temperatures in the 50's would get a very warm welcome around here!!!