"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hotel Walking and Window Shopping

Tonight was a good night to go walk around the indoor shops at Charleston Place and the beautiful hotel lobby. 

Their huge chandelier is one of my favorites!

The whole place is decorated so pretty. Love all the garlands and greenery and bows
Cute little dog out for some supper and shopping!

Pretty purses, all lined up in  a row:
Only $3,500.00
I think this one was even more--$3,800.00

There's that cute little dog again!

I liked the cute little white ferrets or meerkats or whatever those are in this display!

The indoor train set up was fun to watch!

They even had a little ski lift running up and down!

This is a lovely place to walk around a bit before or after supper and people watch and enjoy the sights and the pretty decorations. I love the shiny floors and all the pretty flowers! And if you get a bit tired---there are plenty of benches to sit a spell!

Let's head outside for some fresh winter air! The city is bustling tonight! The people in the apartment over Victoria's Secret have pretty lights in their windows and a sparkly tree up.

Window shopping is always fun in Charleston! Especially around the holidays.

OOOOO I like that big necklace......

Lets get a closer look!

I spy a pretty tree high above the city sidewalks:

Wow! More purses! We've seen so many purses tonight!

Which one do you like?

Another lovely December evening in the Holy City. I'm so glad y'all came along with us!


  1. Hi Debbi and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for taking us along on this fancy smancy shopping trip! What a beautiful area too. Look at you all cute sitting there in your boots an pretty skirt. Here's to another year of blogging with you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. looks like a WONDERFUL lace to wander around and shop, but not for purses!! hehehe

    i like those skin tight red dresses, i remember when i would have been able to wear one - many moons ago!!!

    you look good debbi, belated merry christmas!!!

  3. How I should have loved to join you on this shopping trip! Thanks for taking us there vicariously through your photos! Happiest to you!

  4. What a beautiful and festive hotel. $3,800 for a purse - my, what a bargain!

  5. I'll take one of everything you took a photo of!! You have such good taste Debbi!! Especially loved that red dress with the long ruffle down the back!!

  6. Oh what fun Debbi! The hotel is beautiful, and so is that chandy! You always look so cute in your photos with all your pretty skirts and all.
    Happy New Year!