"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, December 2, 2016

Come to Supper!

I had a few friends over for a very casual supper the other night. (just kidding, LOL)

What a beautiful night for a party! The long table is set up in the brick drive-way
and you can hear the music playing and people laughing. 
There are pretty dusty blue tapers lined up and down the long table.And small pots of greenery, maybe herbs?
(above) The lights are casting a soft glow on the happy guests.
The color scheme is so pretty. The big flower arrangement in the center is pretty. The thick heavy napkins are folded and the icy water goblets  are now filled. Small candles flicker and shine on the pretty stemmed glasses. It's almost supper time in Charleston! Everybodys Boston ferns are still lush and green, swaying in the warm night breezes.
The big porch is welcoming and comfortable with soft pillows, big chairs, and lamps on tables glowing on the pink house.
Here comes your ride! Hop on in!
I wanted to show y'all the cobblestone streets. Many of our streets in the old original part of the city still look like this. The stones are so old, and were actually brought over in big loads on the ships to help "pave" our dusty new streets which turned to mud holes when it would rain and flood. They are difficult to walk on and you should never try to tour Charleston in high heels. LOL

Here we are! Come on in and let us get you a cold drink!
Everyone's out back, let's go join them! Then we'll find your seat! Notice the big tall brick wall behind the table. That's the back side of the house next door and that's the way most of our houses are laid out downtown. Their big piazza (side porch) is over on the other side for them to enjoy. Gives great privacy and the side porches are laid out to catch the sea breezes.
When our city was new, that was the only "air conditioning" they had. As hot as it gets here in the summers, I truly don't know how they did it.
When the evening is over if you are too tired to walk home, we will send a ride for you.....here  it comes now.

It was a wonderful party, wasn't it? Come back soon y'all!


  1. It's beautiful. Reminds me of the banquet in Chocolat. Was it for a wedding? Happy weekend!


  2. The evening just flew by! How beautiful! Wonder what they ate...or what I ate! heehee! Were there drinks? Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  3. Wow, what a wonderful evening everyone must have had.

    I have walked on your cobblestone streets ( and in Philly also). They are not kind to feet.

  4. wow, what fun we had!! i would love to attend a party like this or even host one!!!

  5. Oh Debbie, that table is fabulous! I'd love to be at that gala!

  6. Oh yes, that was a wonderful party! Thanks for showing us around. Love the long table and the history you shared with us about your wonderful historic city!