"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Festival of Lights

One of our holiday traditions is to spend an evening at the annual Festival of Lights at James Island put on by our county parks, alot of sponsors, staff and volunteers. It takes months to get it all displayed and ready. There are about three miles of gorgeous light displays and we usually drive through it twice. You always see something the second time that you didn't notice the first time.

Well, there's my friend Gumby!
Christmas music plays as you drive through. 

These are the huge Christmas cards that local schools compete each year. The theme this year is "Oh what fun!" This is one of my favorite things to do at the festival. I love their creativity!

First place winner:

Another ribbon winner:

Afterwards we were off to look at more lights...and to find the merry-go-round! That's always fun!

Both of our granddaughters have taken their first merry-go-round rides on this little carousel.

I think it was this little baby's first time!
Then it was time for hot melty marshmallows!

Goodness gracious they were good!
There is also a small food court, a climbing wall, a little train ride, photos with Santa and a big sand sculpture. Lots to see and do.
My favorite part of the evening every year--the "dancing trees". They are synchronized to music and are very entertaining to watch! The music is Manheim Steamroller I think.

We get granddaughter a light stick every year. This year she picked out a multi-color one. I think last year's was blue. They are fun and blink and flash and are pretty. Kids love them.

after viewing a few more light displays and a visit to Santa with the granddaughter--we were on our way, tired, but so glad we went and made these memories!
Wishing you all a merry and bright Christmas Eve and as always, thanks for stopping in and thank you for reading!


  1. Lovely pictures and very, very festive. Merry Christmas to you and your and I hope your new year will be as bright as those lights.

  2. You do see the prettiest sites on the streets there. I'm with you though on liking the tall buildings with the lights in the windows. So warm and cozy looking. That huge blooming plant is really unusual. Hope you've had a Merry Christmas. Hard to believe this day is about over for another year.

  3. This is spectacular -- wish we had one of those in our area!