"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Goin to the Chapels

I love it when we are out walking and we come upon a wedding! On Friday and Saturday evenings, it's pretty much a sure thing that we come upon several. Charleston is wedding central in the spring and summer....but I think the Fall and winter ceremonies are nicer.....much better weather!
 I love seeing the wedding parties. Everybody dressed up so nice, families gathered.

I dont think I've ever seen a bridal gown that is white and has the beige lace trim though, have y'all? I thought it was lovely!!
Do you think thats her Dad or her Grandpa standing with her? I never did see the young groom.....so I am guessing she was just moments away from entering the beautiful church and meeting him at the altar for vows.
That is one beautiful dress!

Here goes a bride in a rush!
and another.......
yet another....

That is a lovely bouquet.
Looks like the bridesmaids are following the bride around the corner for photos. Love seeing all the pretty dresses and flowers. Check out the heels on the bridesmaid on the far left of the picture.

The photographer is getting them posed 'just so' ......ready for pretty pictures. The couple will surely be glad many many years from now to have the pictures to look back on, I know I am.

I especially like the picture above because it was just a quick snap....a fast moment in time....where the lady in the blue shirt and the black pants is walking along, sees the bride in white lace....and that is her reaction. A big smile.
Which is always my reaction as well. 
There is just something about a bride headed to her wedding that is so magical....so many hopes and dreams and much optimism for the future, never knowing what the future holds---but hoping for the best.


  1. Sweet post! I always love seeing a bride too.

  2. How neat to see so many brides. It's fun to watch weddings.

  3. we see lots of them on the beaches here. sometimes the ceremony and often they come to the beach just for pictures!!

    that first dress was stunning!!!

  4. Oh how I love love. Did I tell you in addition to being produce farmers we are becoming flower farmers so we can grow for weddings? I'm so excited. I love weddings and I bet they are amazing where you are with all the gorgeous architecture.

  5. What a lovely post!!! I love to catch glimpses of weddings but they don't come as often for me as they do for you on your walks!!

  6. I'm glad you called our attention to the smile on the woman in the blue shirt. That's what we do, smile when we see a bride. I haven't seen many wedding parties outside, it's so nice that you get to see this from the sidewalks that you walk, always observant.