"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

the City Market

The City Market is a fun and interesting place to explore!

Lots of bright and colorful things to see!

The four block open air market is open every single day except Christmas, I believe.

So many artists displaying their work

Fun to watch the artists at work!
They are open until ten or ten thirty most evenings, we like to go after the sun goes down in the hot summer months

Lots of vendors offering everything from handcrafted jewelry and art to candles and handcrafted soaps, pottery, sweet grass baskets, and jams and jellies.

Sparkly sparkly purple!

the market is on Meeting Street downtown and there is often free entertainment
A nice way to spend a summer morning or evening...


  1. I have bought so many things here. One of my favorite restaurants, Cru is right around the corner.

  2. I always enjoyed visiting that market. The baskets are beautiful works of art but very expensive.

  3. how fun! i love that colorful little cow painting!

  4. It's so neat to live close to that place... I remember the years I lived in New Orleans, we loved going down to the quarter and wandering around at all kinds of different times.. I lived there in the 80's when the World's Fair was there... We SO enjoyed the WF since we got season's tickets and could go and do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted--knowing that we didn't have to see it all at one time... We went back over and over. Loved it.


  5. how fun...i love things like this..and love watching artist create their work....

  6. I would love to have a day to spend there!

  7. I would love to have a day to spend there!

  8. What a fabulous place to stroll of an evening, just looking your eyes full of treasures. I try to think sometimes how it would be to know I could just pick up a pen or pencil and think a thought and draw a line around it, and it would come to life like those portraits in the Market.

    And the one which fascinates me most is what looks like a SQUARE geode with amethysts. Those aren't my birthstone, but they've always been my favorite colored stone, and I have quite a few "chunks" of the stuff various spots around the house. Aeons of time inside a nondescript gray rock, awaiting the light. And still just as beautiful, those unfound ones still of the earth, for they don't need display---they just ARE, and that is way plenty.

    Always lovely to have you drop in at Lawn Tea!