"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Weeki Wachee Mermaids Came back!

Once Upon a Time....

...and along we hiked, and walked and strolled and climbed.........deeper and deeper into a quiet and mysterious kingdom...... a place of strange bird-calls and sparkling pools and rushing waterfalls. A humid place with much water even in the very air we were breathing....yet we were somehow cooled by warm tropical breezes. Princess Granddaughter holds on to my hand tightly.
"how much longer, Ma-Maw? I want to see the mermaids!"

So on we went....

and the signs of maritime nearness started to reveal themselves to us. We followed the path, and kept looking.

A royal Eagle keeps a watchful eye on us and says "I hear the mermaids calling. Have you come to find the mermaids?"

A large friendly velvet dolphin swims and swirls and frolics by. Little Princess Granddaughter shouts " can YOU please show us the way to the beautiful mermaids with the emerald and diamond eyes who dive and smile and sing?Today I'm wearing my sparkling rainbow tiara and my pink sea-pearls. I'm four years old now and  want to see the mermaids!"
"yes! yes! says the Velvet dolphin....."follow me!"
So we do.......
"do we follow the rainbow signs?" asks Princess Granddaughter.
"no! no!" shouts the talking dolphin. "Follow ME! Come into the water!"
Princess Granddaughter leans next to a clear bubbling pool and wonders if the colorful mermaids might  live here.

So she, her Mommy, and myself slide into the warm water and follow the Velvet Dolphin and we look and we wait..........patiently. 
Many creatures swim by, and the blue water gets deeper.

Then, finally, a flash of bright pink catches our eye. Golden hair floats and drifts in the water. Curious little girls and little boys quickly gather. It shimmers and it flips and it smiles and it flips and it's friendly...at last!....it's a mermaid!

Princess Granddaughter is mesmerized. She will watch the mermaids for hours.
I tell little Granddaughter that once you touch hands with a mermaid, then you are able to understand their high pitched sing-song sea language.

The pink mermaid takes us to meet her best friends:
Janey the Jellyfish
And Susie SeaStar
the little Princess Granddaughter was so happy to talk to the mermaid and told her all about the Royal Eagle and the Velvet Dolphin. She told her how we climbed mountains and crossed rivers with purple snapping crocodiles to come see her.

Oh look! There are more!

The green mermaid tells us about rainbows in the river, shiny leaping black whales--the Kings of the Sea, underwater castles, and racing with dolphins in turquoise waves. 
The Weeki Wachee mermaids do love children!

They smile, and wave, and sing, and give kisses!

I love to watch the expressions on children's faces as they gaze upon the mermaids! This mermaid tells stories of gleaming green pearls and daisies that grow underwater and shells that she strings together to make necklaces.

This pretty mermaid sits on a rock and tells us stories of mighty sunken ships, sparkling jewels and dainty tea-cups long buried in the sand, Mommy sea turtles on long long journeys and someone with red hair named "Ariel" who "went to the surface" of the sea and danced with Prince Eric .She tells us how happy the mermaids of the deep are to see happy children today and how we should work hard to keep our big oceans clean and blue and safe.

So the little Princess Granddaughter was very tired at the end of the day and was so happy she got to swim among the elegant mermaids with the diamond and emerald eyes. She got to see them dive and dance in the glittery sea and she got to blow bubbles with them and hear them sing their sea-songs.
The End
Perhaps I have I been reading too many books like these?
******no---we just really love mermaids!****
(by Skye Alexander)
*Pictures of the pages of the book "Mermaids" were used in this blog post. You can purchase this book and the ones below by clicking on the links in my sidebar.* 

I wrote this little story above for "princess Granddaughter". She really does adore the mermaids, as does her Mommy and myself. We take her to the Charleston Aquarium each year for her birthday celebration, as that is when the Weeki Wachee mermaids make their annual visit north up here to Charleston. We look forward to the Florida mermaids visit each year. 

The Weeki Wachee mermaids truly are special. The way they interact with the children is so nice. They really take the time to make sure each and every child gets to 'touch hands' and have their "moment" with the mermaids. 
While we enjoy the mermaids here at the Charleston Aquarium...nothing compares to seeing them in their own natural spring in Florida!
The water is deep, clear, and cold!
If you are a new reader you can read all about Weeki Wachee Springs and how I finally got to see the mermaids here:
click here:( then scroll down--it's towards the bottom of the page)
Beautiful Weeki Wachee Mermaids

If you are interested in visiting Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in Florida, you can click on the little mermaid statue in my side-bar and it will take you right to all the information you might need such as hours, show times, admission, ticket prices, mermaid roster, parking information, park rules etc. If you go please tell them "Debbi's Front Porch" sent you. ENJOY!

Beautiful bejeweled fan tail:
Thank you "Weeki Wachee Mermaids" for all the hard work and hours of practice you do to perform entertaining shows that are family friendly, and keep little imaginations active. Thank you for making dreams come true and for helping create brand new dreams for a whole new generation of little children!

Pictures of the pages of the book "Mermaids" were used in this blog post. You can purchase this book by clicking on the links in my sidebar or by visiting my Amazon store  *Carolina Cottage* by clicking the link near the bottom of my blog where it says "shop here!!" .  I have many pretty mermaid items in the "mermaid section"....not only books but jewelry, lawn/garden items, home decor with mermaids, and lots of other charming mermaid stuff.


  1. What a wonderful and memorable day that must have been for your and your granddaughter. Even fairy tails can come true.

  2. Oh, what wonderful memories you're making...filled with imagination and beauty. I thought you had visited us here in FL when I saw them! But the tanks didn't look right. So nice they came to visit you there...knowing how much you love them. I bought myself a new mermaid watch to wear...it's lavender! You know I'm a mermaid, don't you? heehee! Have a magical week my friend. Hugs, Diane

  3. Oh the magical mermaids - they are just lovely and I can understand why princess granddaughter enjoys them so much!

  4. Debi, such enchantment and you can see it on the little girl's faces as they watch. What fun and what a great job for the young women..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. How entertaining
    Real Mermaids for the little girls and little ma maw's

  6. My goodness, you sure had me mesmerized with this lovely story and Princess Granddaughter is a blessed young lady to have such a magical grandmother. I actually saw the Weeki Wachee Mermaids many years ago in Florida so this brought back many memories. Thank you!

  7. Oh wow, that is so neat! What little girl, or older girl, wouldn't like that?! The girls were so pretty, how fascinating for your granddaughter to see this.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. i have never seen or heard of anything as magical and fascinating!! what a great post and a wonderful outing!!!

  9. There's nothing better than being out in nature to sooth ones soul. Never seen the mermaid before but I'd love to now. Your granddaughters must of been so excited.

  10. how neat and what a cute story you told with it! this kind of reminds me of as a kid from san diego, we'd go to sea world quite often and there was a show with mermaids and a beluga whale...i think it was the charlie tuna show if i remember correctly! great memories...of course sea world has completely changed from back then!