"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Monday, June 6, 2016

Shopping on King Street

We were out window shopping on King Street.

We wandered into this store:
Carved giraffes and zebras: (sorry-blurry)

Purses galore:

I spied this" brilliant shade of blue" peacock chair!

Racks and racks of hippie skirts: (I only bought 8! ha ha LOL--just kidding)

Colorful mirrors

There's that chair again!

Pretty vivid blue butterflies:
Pretty colors:
All kinds of wall hangings. And weird things. And things I dont even know what they are for!?  LOL
I feel like I'm in a hippie shop! ha ha
I'm too old for this......lets get outta here! ha ha

So...........what did I end up with?
This crazy bright and beautiful dangly jangly rainbow candlabra! I just LOVE quirky things like this.

What color candles should I put in the holders???? Help........


  1. I love your colorful, funky chandelier.


  2. Oh my goodness, it is fabulous! You are going to enjoy it so much, forever.

    I backtracked at the white greyhound as my future daughter-in-law might like that. But then again, it's so hard to guess what someone else will like, isn't it? The blue peacock chair reminded me of the two my mother had years ago when they moved to FL. Their moving van caught on fire during the move from TN and she lost almost everything. She chose a new, more FL style when she had to replace things.

  3. Oh my! I love stores like that with unique items! I would have gone straight to the purses and bags. And you need to go back and get you those skirts!!! You look cute in long skirts. How about yellow candles? Or bright blue? What fun! Hope we just get rain from this storm. So far...so good! Hugs, Diane

  4. WHAT a great shop!!!! I would SO have bought eight hippy skirts!!! However, your purchase is amazing!!! I can't wait to see it with the candles lit!!

  5. Good Morning Gypsy Girl!

    What a sweet comment just now on Lawn Tea!

    And what a fun look-your-eyes-full shopping trip---all the colours and that majestic horse and the regal HOUND keeping guard.

    You certainly found exac-a-tack-a-ly what EYE would have bought! That's a stunning piece, and any colour of candles you like---even a variety, would be simply striking. What a find.

    We're headed out to the patio, Sweetpea and I, as soon as she arrives for the day. We're gonna have our coffee out there in the blinky sun through the trees, and then go get us a BIG straw broom. The yard-cleaners did a marvelous haul-off and clean-out yesterday, and she and i are going to "do up" the patio so we can have our first dinner out there tonight.

    A little special moment for her Mama---the book I meant to have ready for Mothers' Day (AND Easter, by the way) came, and I'm looking forward to giving it to her. It's a little one-of-a-kind of all the post about Sweetpea and me of all the days she stayed with us during the past eight years.

    In the incubator to NOW, with all the little moments and stories and events.

    Have a splendiferous Charleston day!


  6. I love window shopping, even if it is through pictures. The jewelry is just lovely.

  7. What a fun place! I've been looking for a peacock chair like that for my gypsy caravan/guest house/shed. Thanks for giving me the idea to paint it turquoise if I ever do find one. Love your chandelier!


  8. Oh I love shopping. I saw that "Good Morning Gorgeous" pillow yesterday and just loved it. The dress on the left I need in my wardrobe.

  9. that is an interesting piece, but as for candle colors, good luck with that...i have no idea!!! perhaps you should use different colored ones, adding to the oddity of it!! i thought for sure the blue chair was coming home with you!!!! i liked the mirrors!!!!

  10. oh i had fun window shopping with you! that chair took me back to my high school days! i had one similar to it in my bedroom. my favorite store for decorating my room back then was pier 1 so i had tons and tons of whicker! i also like that mosaic sun, that would look great out by our pool! ohhhh and i love your candleabra! so much neat stuff!

  11. How fun! I want that chair.