"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sunday on the Beach

Crossing over....beautiful sunny view and plenty of blue water!

We enjoyed a Sunday on the beach this weekend. This is near the entrance of Isle of Palms county park. 

There are real nice playgrounds for the kids and very nice restroom facilities and changing rooms and it's all very clean. Dogs are permitted and there is a parking fee.
This park also has very nice picnic areas, an abundance of picnic tables, and volleyball areas.
It was such a nice day and so cool and breezy.....way down in the 80s, so everybody and their dog was out hitting the beaches! LOL

Whoever was in this hammock lazed the day away...

A very common sight anymore....folks taking "selfies"!

this couple came to the beach to get their engagement portraits taken:

Plenty of intriguing things to "sniff" for this pup:

this youngster was captivated by the incoming tide...

a beach blackbird keeps watch over the activity
I like this shot of him better...he's looking right at me, plus I can see his claws
one more shot of the sweet little dog!
Cargo moving into our port:
this little guy seemed entertained by all the people, dogs, and sights and sounds of the ocean
I love making pictures of the piers!

Scenes from town:

Bicycles ready to go for a spin:
love the Flamingo House!
some lovely big beach front homes. Love the colors!

even the garbage cans in this small beach town are all painted alike with palm trees! Can a trash can be charming?! LOL

Back downtown.......a few evening scenes from Charleston before we called it a day:

Folks doing what they do on a Sunday evening in Charleston.....meeting up, visiting, having supper, wandering around the streets and making photographs and soaking up all the history. The church bells were clanging loudly! I do love hearing them. The worst heat and humidity are taking a break for today....and people are sighing with relief!

Wentworth Mansion in the September sunlight:
Now the next two photos aren't that good....odd angles, hanging electric lines, distracting things in the photos etc. But I'm leaving them on here anyway, because I love the way the late summer sun rays are on the old buildings.
I love the way they glow in the sun light.
How was your weekend and what did you do?


  1. bright, colorful, beautiful places!! i love the bike image!!!!

  2. Now I feel like I've been to the beach, a place I love to go!

  3. Fabulous post. I loved your Pier shots and the beach and the kiddos, the cute dog, the palm trees and well just everything. It all looked like so much fun.