"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Friday, September 4, 2015

Rainbow Row at Night

On our walk last night we came upon this beautiful ancient gate. It is big, strong, and quite elegant. Of course I had to photograph it!
 Other sights we saw:

these two photos are blurry...still...I liked the way the brown buildings looked.

Wandering around Rainbow Row at dusk:
Pretty iron work on a sherbert pink house:
There are about thirteen or fourteen colorful historic row homes, painted in happy Caribbean shades of pink, blue, yellow, and green.
Heavy summer showers have kept the flowers well drenched and blooming:

The Georgian style row houses were built in the 1700s and fell into disrepair and slum status after the Civil War. They began to be restored sometime around the 1940s and are quite beautiful and prestigious  today.

Another massive gate:
I love the old brick wall inside this one. I think that is someone's living room now. Originally the Rainbow Row homes had merchants working their stores on the ground levels, while they and their families lived in the upstairs quarters.
City streets. The warm golden light from a porch light glowing in the darkness. Hot breezes in the humid late summer air. The aggressive high pitched buzz of the hungry and annoying mosquitoes. The big white moon rises and gleams on the the waters of our port city. Bats begin to swoop...ready for their supper. A lone night bird calls and bright flowers sway in the salty air.
People scurry home from the bars, shops, and restaurants. A few remain, like us, still walking their dogs or just enjoying the summer evening. A few college students hurry by on bicycles, finished with their late night studies or their after class jobs. Fall will be here soon.
Not too many people are out on their lowcountry porches....who wants to battle the mosquitoes and the thick sweltering heat? Maybe those lucky with a screened in piazza are watching nightfall as they sip ice cold sweet tea with summery lemon. Big swooping fans on the the porch ceilings keep the murky air circulating and tolerable.
Glimpses inside homes show the flicker of t.v. screens- people watching their favorite television shows, maybe getting ready for the nightly news. A ship horn bellows on the water, coming into the harbour. 
Homework is accomplished and children are tucked in.
Shadowy parks empty out. The heavy branches of the ancient live oaks creak when the hot air blows. The wisps of Spanish moss are so light and delicate as they dance in the salt laden night breezes of the Holy City.
People begin shutting their heavy gates and lace curtains. Plantation shutters are pulled tight. Some people have a night cap.....some people have a bowl of cereal and milk .....some people go back for "just one more teensy slice" of dessert before calling it a night.
Dogs settle in, music, computers, and televisions are turned off. Things slow down and the summer evening becomes quiet.
Ssssssshhhhh........tomorrow is another day.
Goodnight, Charleston.

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  1. Gorgeous images, Debbi! And I enjoyed the narrative.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Debbi -
    You do live in one of the most photographed cities!! But you have a special eye in knowing what to "shoot" !!
    Lovely shots!!

  3. Oh, Debbi! I dropped in to thank you for your sweet comment on the little Wisteria poem, and to find THIS!! What a fabulously wonderful travelogue of what must be just a few blocks. I can see and smell and feel that lush, heavy night air, and hear the humbuzz of all those creatures of the evening, out for their own strolls and dinners.

    The colours and the lights, and your WORDS!! I feel as if I've been on a wonderful tour of a gracious other time, sculptured in brick and mortar and light of other planes.

    Girl, you DO beat all! I think I may even have to scratch idly at a virtual skeeter-bite or two.

    I've always wanted to visit, but this gift of seeing and feeling Charleston through your so-observant eyes---a magic carpet free for the taking, and I THANK YOU SO MUCH!!