"Following where my camera leads me!"

"Following where my camera leads me!"

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shiny Silvery Sparkly things on King

Last night's walk took us up and down King Street.
I do love studying, admiring, and photographing all the architecture, doorways, gates, and windows downtown. There are so many interesting things to see!

This was an upstairs window so I could only use my zoom and hope for the best. Its not real clear...but you can catch a glimpse of a beautiful chandelier up there!

the colorful inlaid flooring outside the old Riviera movie house

old fashioned inlaid tile floor in front of the door to what used to be the five and ten cent store. Guess there aren't any of THOSE around anymore, are there?

Let's see what's in the window at Palm Avenue....

something bright and pretty!!

Fun fall fashions......I saw lots of gauzy floaty blouses, lots of fringe, tassels, beads, leather. What trends are y'all liking?

Let's check out the cute kid's things at the Pink Chicken!... (love that sweet little poncho)

Kids on King has some neat things in their window:

Next stop...........chandeliers!! Let's go look, shall we?
this picture is blurry...........but still very "sparkly". So I still like it

Teensy little areas squeezed in between bigger buildings:

Oh I just love this little green and white plate..........isn't that so sweet??

Lots of beautiful, heavy, golden, gilt encrusted items in this shop:

the mirrors, the heavy old frames, statues, door stops, that old antique dresser, all the candelabras...........

Whats in the window at Joan Crosby's??
.............all kinds of fun things, and they don't look too  "fallish"...........its still summer here!

oooo......love those hot orange patent leather pocketbooks!!

It was a perfect evening to stroll King Street!! Do y'all love window shopping as much as I do??


  1. What gorgeous buildings and fun stores. I can't wait to walk downtown here and do a little window shopping. The weather is so nice. Hope you have a great day too! Sweet hugs!

  2. I love the brigjt colors of all the clothes. Here in the north, we put those away in fall, and bring out our drab black and brown outfits. It is better to live in the sunshine.

  3. Hello from Spain: great pics. I just discovered your blog and I like the variety of topics that you write. Fashion and beauty are my hobbies with my Barbie doll collection. Right now I have a blog dedicated to those dolls that I invite you to visit: http://all4barbie.blogspot.com.es/ If you want we keep in touch. I already made me a follower of your blog.

  4. Hi Debbi,

    Great pictures and yes, I love to window shop.

    The Pink Chicken......now, I totally love that! Have a great week.


  5. I had such a good time catching up with you, Debbi. I always feel like I've taken a trip to your beautiful city after I'm done. Wonderful pictures :)


  6. The fashions looked so much like the 50's and 60's. The colors, prints and styles ...not the handbags though. Very much today. The Chandeliers were gorgeous. I will never have one of those. Much too small of home..but I love looking at them. Yep...another interesting post! :)
    Big HUGS for all that work!

  7. Oh wow, wonderful antique shops! That chandelier is one sparkly, dripping with prisms chandelier! Beautiful!! I saw lots of beautiful things in that place!
    Thanks for taking us along on the tour!